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A world of cardboard
In the German version of her song “Anyplace, anywhere, anytime” German pop singer Nena wanted to “build a castle in the sand” for her loved one. 30 years later the motto is: let us build castles out of cardboard! Some examples from the toy industry show how versatile the applications for this sustainable raw material are.
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A Sporting Year
The World Cup, the European Cup, the Olympics – already months ahead of all large sporting events marketing and design departments in the consumer goods and food industry are abuzz, busily producing special-edition product packaging.
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Robert Czichos
In 2009, Robert Czichos founded Bionatic GmbH & Co. KG, a supplier of ecological packaging for caterers, food service-providers and private households. GREENBOX (http://www.biologischverpacken.de/), the company, which he runs together with his partner Michael Brink, presents 450 different sustainable packaging solutions for the wholesale trade
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Sustainable Packaging
Increasing demand for ecological packaging.
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One Family – One Brand
It has been on the market for one hundred years now. The Coca-Cola bottle is considered a milestone in packaging design and even made it to the Museum of Modern Art in New York. After going through numerous brand appearances of its sub-brands a “One-Brand Strategy” is hoped to convince consumers.
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Open Sesame
Big cosmetics firms are increasingly using beautifully presented packaging to attract customers – with lovely colours and amazing surprises. So the packaging industry is facing a few new challenges now.
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Shocking Packaging
As the new EU Tobacco Directive enters into force the design scope for outer packaging changes for all cigarette brands sold in Germany. Up to two thirds of the packaging must be covered with shocking photography and warnings.
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When everyone is only talking about the packaging
There are fragrance flacons galore. Most of them made of glass and there is no shortage of shapes and design variation either. For rare items and special editions enthusiasts and collectors are prepared to dig deep down into their pockets. A very special flacon now comes care of fashion label Moschino resembling a spray window-cleaner bottle.
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Debate on best-before date produces new business ideas - Expired, but still fine
While the European Union is still debating the best-before date, a clever guy in Yorkshire has set up a flourishing enterprise, selling food which is past that date.
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Will electronic displays take the place of paper labels in future?
Interactive displays instead of printed instructions for use on paper: this packaging solution might turn into reality very soon. More and more drug and food companies are relying on this innovative technology hoped to both support patients and prevent counterfeiting.
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