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A golden cookie for the cookie monster
Once again Bahlsen can rejoice at an anniversary. We already covered the 80th anniversary of salt sticks last year. About twelve months later it is the turn of Leibniz cookies. In honour of these “toothed” sweet biscuits there will be a special edition launched and, needless to say, the commonly known traditional packaging.
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Packaging trends in the wine segment - Plastic bottles ever more popular
0.75 l glass bottles used to be a must – with natural corks and classy labels. Wherever wine was served in higher volumes, with plastic corks or from coated plastics its quality was still doomed to get a scathing judgment time and again. Over time, however, the number of supporters for wine from plastic packaging has grown.
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Product recall: Quality in the manufacturing and packaging process decides
The recent recall of chocolate products bearing the MARS®, SNICKERS®, MILKY WAY® and CELEBRATIONS® brands makes it perfectly clear once again how important the control of manufacturing and packaging processes is, especially in the food and pharmaceuticals industries.
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XXL packages have become obsolete
Small packaging sizes are not just helpful while travelling; they also meet the changing requirements of an ageing society and the growing number of small households. Precisely tailored packaging plays a major part in the fight against food waste.
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Dr. Ole Nordhoff
Year on year Germans spend an average of seven to nine days on shopping – at supermarkets. This figure does not include electronics stores or clothes shops. Yet thanks to the increasing proliferation of e-commerce, it is actually possible to save that time.
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It’s a patient, not a product - Drugs liable to cooling are subject to special provisions
"It’s a patient, not a product" says the sign on the wall of UPS Healthcare’s packaging hall. And this is precisely the point for highly sensitive drugs. From production to arrival at their destination some goods travel for weeks, especially in international shipping. An uninterrupted cool chain is ensured by appropriate packaging.
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SAVE FOOD Packaging Award at interpack 2017 - WorldStar Award to receive new category
Packaging has sustainable solutions in store which – beyond protecting the packaged merchandise – also prevents food loss and waste. The “SAVE FOOD” Initiative has already been committed to this end since 2011 and is now to receive its own category in the renowned WorldStar Award for the first time.
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Direct printing instead of paper labels
The Belgian brewery Martens has decided to do without paper labels on the packaging of its own special Pilsner beer. Its new direct printing process has been developed in collaboration with KHS GmbH which, together with NMP Systems and Danone Waters, is also currently marketing another global innovation, known as Nature MultiPack™.
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New machines for packaging printing
Personalised packaging with short print runs, seasonal products and limited editions require flexible printing methods. The market is currently full of solutions for quick and simple changes in size and material as well as innovative machinery with state-of-the-art technology.
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Innovative pharmaceutical packaging: beautiful, safe and sustainable
Once a year employees of the Internet platform Healthcare Packaging recognise outstanding pharmaceutical packaging designs. For 2016 the results are in – and below we introduce you to seven of the 20 particularly user-friendly, sustainable, innovative or original winners.
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