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Would you like a bit more? In the luxury product segment it is very common to spend a few more euros on packaging that is both striking and unique.
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Dr. Hermann Bühlbecker
Lambertz is Germany’s oldest sweet brand and the world market leader for autumn and Christmas cookies. Since 1978 Dr. Hermann Bühlbecker has acted as CEO of this family business now operating globally. Under his leadership the biscuit group developed from a regional niche supplier of gingerbread cookies into one of the leading German producers of preserved pastry goods.
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Industry with Perspective
Purity, multi-use, recycling – these attributes generally associated with glass packaging paint a positive picture for the sector. The economic outlook for the container glass industry is positive.
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Packing Pastry for Generation Y
The so-called “millennials” are said to be the reason why pastry producers and packaging specialists have to reorient themselves. After all, demand for cookies, sandwiches and savoury snacks “on-the-go” in re-closable bags or boxes is constantly on the rise.
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Food Safety
Technical progress and changes in lifestyle and society are also leading to different demands on food packaging. Safety, sustainability and convenience have come to be standard consumer requirements. Also, experts are anticipating a rise in e-commerce which, again, will impact the packaging of food and beverages.
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If it doesn't fit, we’ll make it fit ...
More and more consumers are beginning to use online mail order facilities for bulky products such as furniture, sports equipment and large vehicle parts. This means that outer packaging is becoming increasingly important. As well as providing a purely protective function, the shipping box actually represents the product, so that the unboxing process needs to be a positive experience.
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More than four corners wrapped in paper
Even the packaging makes your mouth water.
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Pallets to Save the World
Every year millions of pallets are produced. This benefits the industry and the environment, too, as the CO2 Savings Clock shows.
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Recycling Cosmetics Packaging
The cosmetics industry is booming. But as demand rises so too expectations and in addition to focusing on the lowest possible costs modern consumers also look to one thing in particular: sustainability. Alongside environmentally friendly production, companies are increasingly offering to take back empties for re-use.
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Spoon at the Ready
Worldwide there is a growing trend towards “to-go” options and there are more and more innovations for practical products in the packaging segment. One case in point being the EcoSpoon – a foldable spoon for carefree food enjoyment on the go.
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