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© PacXpert™ Jerry cans are extremely practical for transporting both solid substances and liquids. They are stackable, suitable for Euro pallets and most of the time even made of food-compatible plastics. The only drawback: after use they could not be stored or disposed in a space-saving manner. That is until a new development from the Dow Chemical Company. PacXpert™

Bag those capsules

Andrés Nieto Porras / They’re small, colourful and made from aluminium: Nespresso coffee capsules. George Clooney and Matt Damon are among the celebrities singing the praises of these indulgent coffee preparations. At the same time, however, the Nestlé subsidiary has come under fire because the system produces huge amounts of waste and requires massive energy inputs. Bag those capsules

News from the packaging market

© Rainer Sturm/ A review of the first quarter of the current year and of the latest developments in the packaging industry show that there is a general endeavour to leave behind the many declining revenue figures recorded by paper and foil manufacturers last year. Numerous innovations on the market are an indication that the goal is achievable....News from the packaging market

Avoiding a rise in packaging costs

Keeping the cost of packaging at the current level can be difficult at the moment. Since January 2014 Germany’s renewable energy levy for packaging manufacturers has risen by just over a fifth compared with last year. At the same time production and transport costs are driven up by high prices for raw materials and energy as well as by a shortage of freight capacities.Avoiding a rise in packaging costs

Current reforms to the German Packaging Ordinance

© Rainer Sturm/ The Environment Ministry currently submitted the 7th Amendment to the European Commission for notification. It addresses two core issues: first, developing a robust law on reusable materials relating to the take-back of sales packaging and, second, facilitating an agreement between all of Germany’s “dual” waste-disposal systems. Current reforms to the German Packaging Ordinance


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From the industry

There is a change for the better in the USA

Wohlenberg Buchbindesysteme sees growing demand in North America more...


The Green Deal

The Green Deal 
“Promoting brand values through sustainable packaging“ – was the motto of last year’s Pro Carton Congress in Düsseldorf. Ever greater importance is being attached to sustainability: it is one of the crucial drivers of innovation of all.