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GreenTec Award for recyclable packaging technology

Presenting innovative technology enabling a 100% recycling rate for used containers, it was a company specialised in packaging solutions – Saperatec GmbH – that clinched the nomination in the “Recycling and Resources” category in May of 2014.The award recognises the development of special microemulsions that can be used to separate composite packaging in a particularly eco-friendly way.GreenTec Award for recyclable packaging technology

Polystyrene becomes Airpop

Airpop: a new name for something that was well-known to everyone. Working together under the patronage of the European association Eumeps Power Parts, about 200 plastics manufacturers decided to create the word Airpop as a standard international term for one of the most commonly used packaging materials in the world. Polystyrene becomes Airpop

Fast & flexible pack style changeovers

At this year’s interpack, Bosch introduced its new biscuit packaging line. It’s a response by the global leader in the development, production and distribution of packaging and handling systems to biscuit manufacturers’ requirements for more flexible packaging solutions. Industry success, especially in the biscuits segment, is critically dependent on being able to respond rapidly to customer requirements. Fast & flexible pack style changeovers


© PacXpert™ Jerry cans are extremely practical for transporting both solid substances and liquids. They are stackable, suitable for Euro pallets and most of the time even made of food-compatible plastics. The only drawback: after use they could not be stored or disposed in a space-saving manner. That is until a new development from the Dow Chemical Company. PacXpert™

Bag those capsules

Andrés Nieto Porras / They’re small, colourful and made from aluminium: Nespresso coffee capsules. George Clooney and Matt Damon are among the celebrities singing the praises of these indulgent coffee preparations. At the same time, however, the Nestlé subsidiary has come under fire because the system produces huge amounts of waste and requires massive energy inputs. Bag those capsules


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There is a change for the better in the USA

Wohlenberg Buchbindesysteme sees growing demand in North America more...


The Green Deal

The Green Deal 
“Promoting brand values through sustainable packaging“ – was the motto of last year’s Pro Carton Congress in Düsseldorf. Ever greater importance is being attached to sustainability: it is one of the crucial drivers of innovation of all.