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Mini screen as a patient leaflet

© Stora Enso Cross-media solutions are packaging trends of the future which have now reached the pharmaceutical industry. For the first time screens have been integrated into folding boxes for headache tablets.Mini screen as a patient leaflet

Dry wrapping of freshly cut flowers

© Es75 - Fotolia The wrapping of live plants requires special forethought to ensure damage-free transportation. Thanks to the use of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), freshly cut flowers can now reach their destination without water – and about all without drooping heads.Dry wrapping of freshly cut flowers

Screw tops for Riesling, Shiraz and other wines

© Josef Becker - Fotolia Not long ago wine in screw-topped bottles was considered to be cheap and poor quality. In the meantime, however, winemakers have started to use aluminium instead of cork, even for their best wines – a change which has created excellent growth opportunities in this niche on the packaging market.Screw tops for Riesling, Shiraz and other wines

Trend towards gravure printing on packaging

© stora enso Customers in the branded products segment are increasingly demanding packaging solutions with rotogravure printing. This production technique is getting particularly popular for high-quality luxury goods and for products with varying print runs.Trend towards gravure printing on packaging

Well packaged: tasty bread

© Messe Duesseldorf Despite the popularity of over 10,000 bakeries in Germany, the majority of German citizens prefer to buy their bread as packaged products at supermarkets. Modern machinery is available to increase the efficiency of production and the length of the shelf life.Well packaged: tasty bread


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There is a change for the better in the USA

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The Green Deal

The Green Deal 
“Promoting brand values through sustainable packaging“ – was the motto of last year’s Pro Carton Congress in Düsseldorf. Ever greater importance is being attached to sustainability: it is one of the crucial drivers of innovation of all.