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Festive cosmetic packaging

© Special-edition body lotions, bath essences, fragrances, gels and make-up featuring festively themed tubes and boxes delight gift givers and recipients alike. With that, the packaging industry literally lives up to the Greek origin of the term ‘cosmetics’– it has truly mastered the ‘art of adornment.’Festive cosmetic packaging

Safe packaging for toys

Again and again, independent teams of experts have conducted meticulous tests and have presented alarming facts and figures which show that numerous toys contain hazardous substances. Even wooden toys, finger paints and baby rattles have been shown to contain plasticisers and traces of nickel which can cause allergic reactions. And in fact toxic elements often occur not only in the actual toys themselves, but potential hazards can start much earlier – with the packaging.Safe packaging for toys

Data Matrix Codes for Fast, Secure Trade of Goods

Harald Wanetschka/ The more information found on the packaging, the faster and more safely can goods travel from the manufacturer to the consumer.Data Matrix Codes for Fast, Secure Trade of Goods

Packing properly for air travel

Bubble wrap provides all-inclusive protection against scratches and dust as well as against breakage and humidity. Packing properly for air travel

Ampac Adds Inno-Lok® and Pour & Lok™ Zipper Application Technology

[28/08/2012] Ampac presents Inno-Lok®, a patented method of applying a reclosable zipper and Pour & Lok™, a foldable zipper applied to film in the side gusset area of a package.Ampac Adds Inno-Lok® and Pour & Lok™ Zipper Application Technology


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There is a change for the better in the USA

Wohlenberg Buchbindesysteme sees growing demand in North America more...


The Green Deal

The Green Deal 
“Promoting brand values through sustainable packaging“ – was the motto of last year’s Pro Carton Congress in Düsseldorf. Ever greater importance is being attached to sustainability: it is one of the crucial drivers of innovation of all.