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Packaging tailored to senior citizens the focal point

The result of the campaign recently conducted by the Technische Universität Chemnitz (Chemnitz University of Technology) shows the difficulties which elderly people see themselves confronted with when it comes to opening diverse cardboard boxes, cartons, plastic bags or film bags. Packaging tailored to senior citizens the focal point

Gift wrapping for Valentine’s Day

© Whereas in the USA the most popular ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day involve heart-shaped chocolates with printed love quotes, or, in Italy, romantic walks, in Germany as a rule, roses, tulips & co are the gifts. Compared to a normal working week, almost double the volume of cut flowers is sold over the counter by Germany’s florists on this single day.Gift wrapping for Valentine’s Day

Changes to dangerous goods regulations

Oliver Moosdorf / New guidelines governing the transport of dangerous goods by road, rail and air took effect on 1 January 2014. Because the regulations governing the information and instructions listed on packages have changed significantly, the packaging industry is among those affected by the change. Changes to dangerous goods regulations

Cosmetic packaging often larger than necessary

© Marina Gorskaya - A recent analysis once again confirmed the results of earlier studies: Random tests performed by an independent market research firm showed that more than half of all tested cosmetic packages contained about 30% air – exactly the amount permitted by guidelines currently valid in Germany. Cosmetic packaging often larger than necessary

Packaging Waste on 1 January

Franziska Jud / According to statistics, German citizens spend an average of over EUR 100 million per year on such items on New Year’s Eve – thereby producing far more than 100 tons of pyrotechnical waste. A good three quarters of this waste is accounted for by such packaging materials as wood or plastics, the remaining percentage by the black powder itself. In some regions for a fortnight or so empty bottles and spent multi-shot batteries testify to the pleasure people get from this annual form of ghost busting – despite the increased human resources deployed in city environmental and cleaning services.Packaging Waste on 1 January


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There is a change for the better in the USA

Wohlenberg Buchbindesysteme sees growing demand in North America more...


The Green Deal

The Green Deal 
“Promoting brand values through sustainable packaging“ – was the motto of last year’s Pro Carton Congress in Düsseldorf. Ever greater importance is being attached to sustainability: it is one of the crucial drivers of innovation of all.