Carcano Antonio S.p.A.

4th - 10th May: Interpack Exhibition 2017. Hall 10/B87

Carcano Antonio S.p.A. takes part to Interpack 2017, putting the focus on a new and innovation oriented Company.

In the last 3-years a lot of changes took place strengthening and improving the existing state-of-the-art process management, from the raw material (primary aluminium) through out the final customized foil. The vertically integrated process achieved its efficiency and high quality performance thanks to a strong heritage of a 137 years history, and to the continuous path towards innovation.

The new production unit is the symbol of that commitment: keeping on investing in Italy, where the two existing units are located, by building a new Converting Unit covering an area of 15.000 Sqm.

This innovative centre, built in 15 months only, aims to be one of  the most advanced plant not only as far as the technology is concerned, but also from the people welfare point of view.

The production unit counts quality laboratories, multi-function areas dedicated to the workers, a brand new area with a 1.200 Sqm Clean Room class 8 ISO, a 4.000 Sqm supply hub and last but not least : a new coating and laminating machine with three lacquering units and bi-coupling stations allowing a diversified and high-performing aluminium foil manufacturing. Without any doubt  this machine represents the last state-of-the-art of converting technologies.

Carcano shows at Interpack 2017 an evolving trend by working towards a constant research for improvement in its seven main sectors : foil, pharma, confectionary, food&beverage, coffee, cables and insulation.

Carcano operates with a completely integrated and traceable production process, according to the GMP and the European standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO 14001:04. This quality and efficiency model grants both the Customer satisfaction and full respect for the environment.

The Carcano booth in  Hall (10/B87)  perfectly represents  all the company features: the visitors will also be involved in innovative experiences to learn about the products, the company reality and of course its future challenges. 

Exhibitor Data Sheet