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interpack is the essential event for the food, beverage, confectionery, bakery, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, non-food and industrial goods sectors. No other trade fair in the world represents the entire supply chain. And at no other trade fair does the packaging industry provide all industry sectors with tailored solutions and innovative designs based on such a variety of materials.

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We provide a wide range of services to help ensure your success at the trade fair. We invite you to take advantage of the possibilities from logistics services down to attractive advertising packages.


Get in touch with your customers

Use the admission ticket vouchers as part of your sales and marketing strategy.
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Scan information

Scan2Lead offers you a series of tailor-made solutions for scanning visitors at your stand. All visitor information that you have scanned and collected at your stand is available immediately and can be transferred easily to your CRM or other marketing systems.  


Make contacts

Do you have any specific requests? Do you want to provide cooperation offers? Are you looking for a product that meets your special demands? Find the right partner with our matchmaker.


Customised and focused

Take advantage of our versatile, modular based range of advertising media - most of which is free to you. You can advertise where your customers are: in the open air, in the malls, between the halls, in the entrances... . Or address your target group in the internet - always up-to-date and available 24/7!

Exhibitors & products

Show the best of your company.

Your entry in the interpack 2017 exhibitor database with all information about your company is free of charge and crossmedial available in the catalogue, the internet portal, the mobile application/app and the KATI visitor information system.

Press activities

Get people talking about you!

Good news spreads fast! Your press releases on new products and innovative services will be released on our trade fair portal - free of charge. Further services will additionally make sure, that you will get the most out of the multiplicator effect for your trade fair participation.

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interpack Magazine

Industry with Perspective
Purity, multi-use, recycling – these attributes generally associated with glass packaging paint a positive picture for the sector. The economic outlook for the container glass industry is positive.
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Shake it up
There is nothing better than cool, creamy milk shakes for that in-between refreshment on a hot summer’s day. For the corresponding “high-spirits” kick designers have now come up with particularly striking cups.
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Shaken not stirred
With a simple trick the new packaging of the widely popular Orangina orangeade amazes everyone.
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One Family – One Brand
It has been on the market for one hundred years now. The Coca-Cola bottle is considered a milestone in packaging design and even made it to the Museum of Modern Art in New York. After going through numerous brand appearances of its sub-brands a “One-Brand Strategy” is hoped to convince consumers.
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Packaging trends in the wine segment - Plastic bottles ever more popular
0.75 l glass bottles used to be a must – with natural corks and classy labels. Wherever wine was served in higher volumes, with plastic corks or from coated plastics its quality was still doomed to get a scathing judgment time and again. Over time, however, the number of supporters for wine from plastic packaging has grown.
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Direct printing instead of paper labels
The Belgian brewery Martens has decided to do without paper labels on the packaging of its own special Pilsner beer. Its new direct printing process has been developed in collaboration with KHS GmbH which, together with NMP Systems and Danone Waters, is also currently marketing another global innovation, known as Nature MultiPack™.
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PEF – 100% natural, 100% recycled, 100 % material benefits
Sustainability is an issue which has occupied the packaging industry for a long time now. Again and again attention has focused on the use of renewable raw materials in the production of plastics. Recent research has delivered innovative plant-based materials with outstanding properties.
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Emotionalise with Novel Materials and Finishes
Packaging and marketing experts know that shoppers like to be emotionalised. Especially when it comes to luxury products like wine, first impressions really count.
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Anniversary bottles at Lufthansa
60 years of Lufthansa – To commemorate its anniversary, the airline launched a special Warsteiner birthday beer in a limited edition as well as a premium range of six Lufthansa Cocktails.
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Pomp and Circumstance for an “Old Lady”
She may be 60 years old now but with her gentle curves she still is in perfect shape. We are talking about Fanta’s classic-edition bottle, which was recently declared Packaging of the Year by the German Packaging Museum.
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