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A juicy variety of different packages for some fruity tea blends.

Nothing like a nice cuppa


The innovative design of this new tea packaging conveys a sense of enjoyment well before you pour the first cup.
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A basic prerequisite for growing export success are safe conditions in the fresh mango business. Packaging, of course. Photo: Wipf AG

Success Formula


Commitment, stamina and a shared goal: these are the “ingredients” that SAVE FOOD and Azuri Health have mixed to produce tasty dried mangoes.
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Somehow reminiscent of the invisible magic ink in J. K. Rowling's books. Hidden barcodes on the packaging as a promising innovation on the packaging market. Photo: Digimarc Corporation

Invisible barcode could revolutionise packaging market


Invisible to the human eye special image scanners are capable of selectively decoding information from so-called Digital Watermark Codes (DWCodes) – an innovation with promising potential for the packaging market. At present, retail giant Walmart is testing this technology at its outlets.
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All packaging must contain the Big 7: energy, fat including saturated fatty acids, and carbohydrates including sugar, protein and salt. Photo: U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), flickr.com

“The Big 7”


Information which was once at the manufacturer’s discretion has now been mandatory since 13 December this year. It means that details of at least seven nutrients must be declared on all packaged food throughout the EU.
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Reducing food losses means improving the climate


4 November was a crucial date, as this is when the Global Climate Treaty entered into force, an agreement which had been decided upon only a year earlier, in Paris, by over 190 countries. A few days later representatives from those countries convened again to specify the details of their climate targets, which had previously been formulated in Paris, and also to develop appropriate rules.
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The end of the corner shop


Impulse buying at the POS is partly the result of packaging and displays. Using real-life case studies, manufacturers – especially brand manufacturers – can determine in advance what the perfect product presentation should look like.
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The Beste-Reste-Box consists of water and fat-resistant FSC-certified kraft paper, and can transport 1,350 millilitres of leftovers. Photo: BMEL

Best rests


“Clean your plate!” is passé: a project to curb food waste makes the doggy bag acceptable with the “Beste-Reste-Box”.
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Only the best


Would you like a bit more? In the luxury product segment it is very common to spend a few more euros on packaging that is both striking and unique.
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Photo: Best-before date © shootingankauf, fotolia.com

Food Safety


Technical progress and changes in lifestyle and society are also leading to different demands on food packaging. Safety, sustainability and convenience have come to be standard consumer requirements. Also, experts are anticipating a rise in e-commerce which, again, will impact the packaging of food and beverages.
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Many consumers have unstructured lives with a high degree of mobility and spontaneity. For snacks on the go eco-friendly and practical solutions are required. Photo: EcoTensil

Spoon at the Ready


Worldwide there is a growing trend towards “to-go” options and there are more and more innovations for practical products in the packaging segment. One case in point being the EcoSpoon – a foldable spoon for carefree food enjoyment on the go.
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