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Simply refilling packaging benefits all parties involved. Mac Cosmetics

Turn Empty into Full


More and more cosmetics groups are offering refillable products. High-quality packaging benefits both shoppers and the environment.
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Graph: Messe Düsseldorf

Growth of the global cosmetics packaging industry


By 2020, the global cosmetics packaging industry will grow by 15.5 percent because more packaging units will be sold in this sector.
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For 15 years the company TerraCycle has processed to the tune of two million kilograms of non-recyclable waste together with its partners. Photo: TerraCycle

Recycling Cosmetics Packaging


The cosmetics industry is booming. But as demand rises so too expectations and in addition to focusing on the lowest possible costs modern consumers also look to one thing in particular: sustainability. Alongside environmentally friendly production, companies are increasingly offering to take back empties for re-use.
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Fancy a new fragrance? With the miniature vaporizer of reload.™ your favourite fragrance is always with you. Photo: reload labs.

Perfume To-Go


You remember those 4711 tissues – original Eau de Cologne – that grandma always used to carry in her handbag. Especially in summer when temperatures are rising older ladies swear by that in-between refreshment. Now these handy “towelets” also seem to gain ground with the younger generation.
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A global first and easy to recognise: Carlsberg, the beer manufacturers, have made their first bodycare line for men. Photo: Carlsberg

Probably the best


It’s a green bottle, it’s nice to hold, and men love it. No, this isn’t beer were talking about – or is it?
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With an impressive 3D effect the limited-edition fragrance bottle for Aqua di Gio by Armani evidently deserved one of the first places at the WorldStar Award.

Impressive Materials, Printing Presses and Marketing


As with all other packaging cosmetic packaging also primarily serves to protect the product inside. The special challenge for packaging design in the beauty sector, however, is that it must convince shoppers of the contents although this is still totally unknown to them. How this can be achieved is revealed by a selection of cosmetic packaging receiving awards recently.
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6th July is the International Kissing Day – so let’s kiss. Photo: Razza Mathadsa / flickr.com

Lucky Lips ...


Matt, shiny, with gloss effect, in bright red, powder or shocking pink or blackberry: the range of shades is as diverse as the packaging versions of the “Stylo de Amour”.
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For anyone who loves Paris: Special editions from L’Artisan Parfumeur featuring famous Parisian landmarks. Photos: L'Artisan Parfumeur

Open Sesame


Big cosmetics firms are increasingly using beautifully presented packaging to attract customers – with lovely colours and amazing surprises. So the packaging industry is facing a few new challenges now.
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90s super model Linda Evangelista is the face of the campaign for Fresh Couture by Moschino. Photo: Steven Meisel for Moschino

When everyone is only talking about the packaging


There are fragrance flacons galore. Most of them made of glass and there is no shortage of shapes and design variation either. For rare items and special editions enthusiasts and collectors are prepared to dig deep down into their pockets. A very special flacon now comes care of fashion label Moschino resembling a spray window-cleaner bottle.
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Gender-specific differences in the design and price of cosmetic products are not uncommon. Product Range Dec 2015 © Beiersdorf AG

Gender marketing – prices and packaging


International Women’s Day helped to create public awareness of a well-known fact: Women often pay higher prices for products which are almost exactly the same as their male equivalents. Throughout the world there are only very few countries which have banned such practice. But why should a ladies’ perfume be more expensive than a male fragrance?
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