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interpack is the essential event for the food, beverage, confectionery, bakery, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, non-food and industrial goods sectors. No other trade fair in the world represents the entire supply chain. And at no other trade fair does the packaging industry provide all industry sectors with tailored solutions and innovative designs based on such a variety of materials.

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We provide a wide range of services to help ensure your success at the trade fair. We invite you to take advantage of the possibilities from logistics services down to attractive advertising packages.


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Use the admission ticket vouchers as part of your sales and marketing strategy.
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Scan2Lead offers you a series of tailor-made solutions for scanning visitors at your stand. All visitor information that you have scanned and collected at your stand is available immediately and can be transferred easily to your CRM or other marketing systems.  


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Do you have any specific requests? Do you want to provide cooperation offers? Are you looking for a product that meets your special demands? Find the right partner with our matchmaker.


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Take advantage of our versatile, modular based range of advertising media - most of which is free to you. You can advertise where your customers are: in the open air, in the malls, between the halls, in the entrances... . Or address your target group in the internet - always up-to-date and available 24/7!

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Show the best of your company.

Your entry in the interpack 2017 exhibitor database with all information about your company is free of charge and crossmedial available in the catalogue, the internet portal, the mobile application/app and the KATI visitor information system.

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Good news spreads fast! Your press releases on new products and innovative services will be released on our trade fair portal - free of charge. Further services will additionally make sure, that you will get the most out of the multiplicator effect for your trade fair participation.

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New trends in pharmaceutical packaging
The falsified Medicines Directive requires all packaging in the pharmaceutical sector in the EU to bear an individual serial number by 2019. This obliges packaging service providers for the pharmaceutical sector to implement measures for the serialisation of medicine packaging within 3 years
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Will electronic displays take the place of paper labels in future?
Interactive displays instead of printed instructions for use on paper: this packaging solution might turn into reality very soon. More and more drug and food companies are relying on this innovative technology hoped to both support patients and prevent counterfeiting.
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It’s a patient, not a product - Drugs liable to cooling are subject to special provisions
"It’s a patient, not a product" says the sign on the wall of UPS Healthcare’s packaging hall. And this is precisely the point for highly sensitive drugs. From production to arrival at their destination some goods travel for weeks, especially in international shipping. An uninterrupted cool chain is ensured by appropriate packaging.
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Innovative pharmaceutical packaging: beautiful, safe and sustainable
Once a year employees of the Internet platform Healthcare Packaging recognise outstanding pharmaceutical packaging designs. For 2016 the results are in – and below we introduce you to seven of the 20 particularly user-friendly, sustainable, innovative or original winners.
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Narrow temperature limits for the transport of medicinal products
Since 2013 the so-called GDP Guideline have been in force in the EU they govern the transport conditions for chilled medicinal products, to name but one product. Special insulated cool packs are designed to make sure that drugs reach patients at the right temperature.
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Keeping cool with wool
The new LifeGuardian box is 100 per cent wool-based and designed for transporting and storing temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products at 2-8°C for up to 150 hours without loss of efficacy.
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Firmly glued - for safer drug packaging
To the tune of 10% of all medicinal products available on the market today are counterfeits, says the World Health Organization (WHO), and can cause serious health consequences in patients. The Anti-Counterfeiting Directive 2011/62/EU is hoped to make drug packaging in the EU safer.
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Talking pill boxes
The future of the pharmaceutical industry is set to embrace communicative packaging with NFC technology as well as organic and printed electronic applications. Drugs manufacturers around the globe are keen to implement new types of boxes, tins and blister packages which are apparently both user-friendly and forge-proof.
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Pure conviction.
When the pharmaceutical market does not offer it, then you just have to go and make it yourself. Just like the start-up PurePharma.
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Patient-Friendly Package Insert
Until now patients were generally only able to view the complete information on a medical product after making its purchase. However, it will now be possible to see this information in advance thanks to a booklet label attached to the folding box.
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