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Taking our Customers Further, Faster

GEA is delighted to announce the grand opening of its new, state-of-the-art Global Pharma Solids Center (GPSC) in Wommelgem, Belgium.

With a total footprint of 1100 square meters, including 200 square meters of technical space, GEA’s multimillion Euro investment in its GEA Pharma Solids Center (GPSC) represents the state-of- the-art in solid dosage form testing, development and optimization. Now almost tripled in size, the GPSC offers a full range of both batch and continuous manufacturing technologies to produce pharmaceutical solid dosage forms.

“The expanded facility represents our continued commitment to the global pharmaceutical market and our investment in oral solid dosage (OSD) form technology,” says Frans Maas, Head of APC Pharma Solids. “Whether you’re working with batch-based or continuous processes, the GPSC delivers a wider range of innovative solutions for our customers and partners, highlighting our ongoing support for the current and future pharmaceutical industry.”

“With our unparalleled history of expertise in processing OSDs, from pills to pellets to MUPS, and our tried and tested technologies, I am convinced that we can continue to help our customers to get their products to market faster in a cost-effective way,” stated Marcus Michel, Head of APC Pharma.

“The new center offers a wealth of opportunity for us and for our clients. From cost assurance and process optimization to real-life simulations and test and loan machines, we provide a unique range of services that are designed to enhance production and expedite time to market. Your needs are critical and individual; our worldwide test centers have been created to meet those needs,” he added.

GEA’s centers of excellence provide access to a full range of test facilities and teams of experts, all of whom work closely with the company’s customers to optimize procedures and evaluate their products, enabling them to achieve their process and production goals.

No other supplier offers such a comprehensive portfolio of tableting technologies, from powder handling to granulating, drying, compression, coating and packaging, including the first ever continuous high shear granulation, drying and tableting system, which is set to revolutionize OSD processing.

Whatever the application, wherever they are in the world, we’re taking our customers further, faster!

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