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Overview: Technical Articles

Technical article No. 1: Beverage packages: the perfect blend of individuality and efficiency


In the beverage sector, the packaging industry has to kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, consumers expect individually designed packages, if possible with supplementary functions. And secondly, increasingly eco-minded drinks consumers are showing a growing thirst for resource-conserving containers manufactured with environmentally compatible methods.
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Technical article No. 1: New pharmaceuticals packages protect proteins and prevent falsification


The medicinal products market is changing. Sensitive biopharmaceuticals require more robust packages. Falsification has to be prevented with special seals and codes. And additional package features are necessary so that patients can safely administer medication themselves. Pharmaceutical companies and the packaging sector are faced with huge challenges.
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Article No. 2: Food industry focuses on better packaging and smarter process technology for less spoilage


Innovative packages are the key in the fight against food loss and wastage. More effective barrier layers, germicidal films and freshness indicators are intended to help products to keep for longer and halt consumers’ throwaway mentality. However, despite all these improvements, companies have to keep a constant eye on process efficiency and on costs.
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Technical Article No. 3: Packaging for confectionery and baked goods: low-cost and eco-friendly persuasion


Energy and raw materials are becoming more expensive, and consumers want to do more for the environment. This is forcing manufacturers of sweets and snacks to make difficult adjustments: their products have to stand out from the crowd without extravagant packages that drive up costs. Help is on hand from packaging producers and machine manufacturers – with material-saving packaging solutions and more efficient production lines.
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Technical Article No. 4: Packages for industrial goods: high tech under difficult conditions


Electricity and resources are becoming more expensive, and the shortage of freight capacity is pushing up the cost of transport. So how can high-grade packages be marketed under these difficult conditions without appreciable price rises? The manufacturers of industrial packages are showing that this is possible – by using low-cost recycled materials, participating in the development of logistics strategies and generating their own renewable energy.
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Technical Article No. 5: Beverage packages: uniqueness counts


“Less is more” is the consumer’s motto when it comes to beverages: less additives and preservatives and zero sugar. With packages the opposite is true, for they have to be individually designed, promise product quality and possibly offer extra utility as well. Such consumer behaviour is not exactly kind to the environment. The packaging sector is countering this with resource-conserving and low-cost packaging technology.
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Technical Article No. 6: Packages for cosmetics: beautiful and efficient


Few sectors are confronted with as divergent consumer wishes as the cosmetics industry. While luxury articles presented in glossy garb are growing in popularity, another beauty trend is embracing sustainability in response to the growing market for natural cosmetics with resource-conserving packaging. Flexibility is therefore the order of the day for packaging manufacturers and packaging machine suppliers.
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