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165 Years of Underberg

165 Years of Underberg

On 17 June 1846 – thus, almost exactly 165 years ago – Hubert Underberg founded the “H. Underberg-Albrecht” Company. Today, the company has gone international and, owing to its beverage brands, is among the premium suppliers in the respective market segments. Enjoyed daily by hundreds of thousands of customers, “Underberg” is no. 1 globally in the famous single-serving bottle.

The Underberg Group produces and trades foods and beverages internationally. However, yet today as was the case 165 years ago, the Underberg name is still the most important product of the group of companies. At that time, Hubert Underberg wanted to create a beverage which would combine the healing powers of herbs with modern production methods. After carefully selecting the herbs, he gradually developed a process which guaranteed the undamaged extraction of the active ingredients. Thanks to its beneficial characteristics and consistently high quality, “Underberg” quickly became a success.

Protection Against Imitations

On 25 August 1851 – approx. 40 years before there was a statutory directive for trademark protection – Underberg submitted the external features of his product to the Commercial Court in the German city of Krefeld. That resulted in the fact that “Underberg” has remained unique and unmistakable until this very day. In 1894, firstly, his son Hubert Underberg (II) registered the name “Underberg” with the Imperial Patent Office. Secondly, he also registered the slogan “Semper idem” – as the motto for consistently high quality and effectiveness. In order to remain true to this quality consciousness at all times, the company completely suspended production during both world wars because it could not be ensured that the required herbs of the corresponding quality could be procured. Even to this very day, the recipe is a closely guarded family secret and still consists of the original selection of herbs from a total of 43 countries.
After the outbreak of the Second World War, the founder’s grandson, Emil Underberg (III), invented the single-serving bottle. Even back then, it already guaranteed the customer the originality of the product and also the optimal utilisation of the effectiveness of the herbs. Since then, “Underberg” has still been available only in the hygienic single-serving bottle which, owing to its 20 mille-litres of contents, is supposed to always precisely ensure the right quantity for well-being. Still today, this consistent brand orientation has been a major factor for the company’s success. The single-serving bottle, which is wrapped in straw paper, has been its unmistakable brand label since 1949.

From Rheinberg to the World

The original brand hasn’t remained the same. Under the management of Emil Underberg (II), Underberg developed from a one-product company into an international, brand-oriented beverage company. The Underberg companies today employ approx. 900 employees worldwide. The top 6 of the private brands – Underberg, Asbach, Pitú, Xuxu, Grasovka and Riemerschmid – sell on average more than every fifth bottle internationally. In addition to the neighbouring European countries, the countries where its products are being exported to include, for example, China, Greenland, South Africa and the Fiji Islands.

With the Golden Seal

Since 2002, Underberg has focussed on customer loyalty: The “Tops & More” loyalty programme has resulted in the fact that consumers in 63 countries throughout the world are currently collecting an Underberg bottle crown cap every three seconds 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These bottle crown caps can be exchanged for exclusive prizes. Additionally, during its anniversary year, the big “Find the Golden Bottle Crown Cap!” sweepstakes will take place. Ten single-serving bottles will be randomly sealed with a gold-coloured Underberg crown cap. Whoever finds it will receive special prizes. Moreover, “Underberg” will also be available this summer in a limited edition folding box in the foodstuff retail segment. Carrying the motto “Underberg Wishes You a Good Trip”, it is supposed to feel like a travel suitcase. Attention-grabbing displays with corresponding travel optics for the follow-up and thematic placements will support the campaign.

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