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Cup handle tube machine APH150 (Produktkategorie: Becher)

<MAIN SPECIFICATION> - M/C Speed : 40- 50 PCS/Min - Angle : 2. 5 - 7 Degree - Paper Weight : 100 - 150 g/m2 - Sealing : Hot air for single or double PE coated paper - Machine Size : L2, ... mehr

Ice cream cone forming machine ACE-200 (Produktkategorie: Becher)
Ice cream cone forming machine ACE-200

<MAIN SPECIFICATION> - Production of paper cone for ice cream - sealing: hot melt - paper weight: less than 100gsm - Cup size: 15~28degree - Output: 220pcs per min. - Weight: 1, 000kgs - ... mehr

Paper cup inspection machine CAT-200 (Produktkategorie: Becher)

<MAIN SPECIFICATION> Inspection speed : Max. 160 cups per min. Size range : 3oz ~ 36oz Inspection system : Vision software / Camera / Illiminator Electric Power : 220V, 50/60Hz, 4W ... mehr

Paper lid forming machine APL600 (Produktkategorie: Becher)

<MAIN SPECIFICATION> - Diameter of lids : 50- 130mm - Height of lids : 7- 17mm - Output : Up to 100 lids/min - Size tool change time : 70~100 150minutes - Electrical supply : 10kw - ... mehr

Punching machine AP2000 (Produktkategorie: Becher)

<MAIN SPECIFICATION> - Kinds of Web : Paper 150~350g/㎡ - Web Width : Max 1, 150mm - Machine Speed : 300strokes/min - Control System : AC Servo motor for pitch cutting - Mould Change : ... mehr

Paper packaging (Produktkategorie: Beutel)

Personalised paper packaging such as (waxed) bags, windowbags, sheets and rolls.  ... mehr

Maschinen für Waffel- und Keksindustrie (Produktkategorie: Anlagen zur Herstellung von Waffeln)
Maschinen für Waffel- und Keksindustrie

Komplette Produktionsstraßen Die komplette Produktionsstraße ermöglicht einen vollautomatischen Backvorgang für alle Teigsorten. Unsere Maschinen verwalten die Gesamtheit ... mehr

Öfen (Produktkategorie: Waffelbackautomaten)

Tunnelöfen Die Tunnelöfen erlauben das Backen mit allen Teigarten und sind für Produkte wie Waffeln, Galettes, Pfannkuchen, Kuchen, Kekse etc...geeignet. Sie sind für hohe ... mehr

Clinicaps (Produktkategorie: Komplettanagen zur Herstellung pharmazeutischer Produkte)

Clinicaps capsules are two- piece gelatin capsules that are specially designed to carry out 'double blind' studies during clinical trials. After closure (locking), the elongated cap closes tightly on ... mehr

Naturecaps (Produktkategorie: Kapselaufsetz- und Verkapselungsmaschinen)

Naturecaps capsules are high performance versatile HPMC (Hydroxy Propyl Methylcellulose) capsules that meet the dietary or cultural needs of customers that follow a vegetarian lifestyle. They ... mehr

Flofit (Produktkategorie: Kapselaufsetz- und Verkapselungsmaschinen)

Flofit capsules enable filling liquid in hard gelatin capsules followed by band sealing. Flofit capsules offer a cost effective alternative to soft gelatin capsules and eliminate many of the problems ... mehr

Print-i (Produktkategorie: Track & Trace (z.B. RFID))

Accuracy of any printed format is important, especially at a time where printing vendors change to negotiate costs and also the printing job moves from one location to other. Accuracy in printing has ... mehr

Blis-i (Produktkategorie: Track & Trace (z.B. RFID))

Blis- i is equipped with the cutting- edge combination of embedded Machine Vision Technology, Optics, Custom LED Lighting, and state- of- the- art Solid State Electronics. Blis- i is the perfect ... mehr

Label-i (Produktkategorie: Track & Trace (z.B. RFID))

Label- i is an ideal product for the inspection of online / offline batch code OCV (Optical Character Verification) and code on sticker labels, leaflets and cartons. Applications Vial labels ... mehr

Encapsulation Solutions (Produktkategorie: Kapselaufsetz- und Verkapselungsmaschinen)
Encapsulation Solutions

Encapsulation is the filling of empty capsules with the desired drug. It is done using two principles viz. Tamping and Dosating. Our machines work on both these principles. In both the principles, ... mehr

Fluidocap F-40 (Produktkategorie: Kapselaufsetz- und Verkapselungsmaschinen)
Fluidocap F-40

The Fluidocap F- 40 is a fully automatic capsule- filling machine that can fill a large variety of liquid and semi- solid formulations into hard capsules. The machine is formulation- friendly and ... mehr

Destiny 8100 (Produktkategorie: Tablettenpressen)
Destiny 8100

ACG Pam is proud to present the DESTINY 8100, a high speed, fully automated, double rotary tablet press, designed to meet the most challenging tabletting production requirements. The DESTINY 8100 ... mehr

Dies and Punches (Produktkategorie: Tablettenpressen)
Dies and Punches

Pam offers power- packed yet precise tools for high - speed tabletting machines. The tools can be of D, B, BB and BBs types. ... mehr

End-of-Line Solutions (Produktkategorie: Komplettanagen zur Herstellung pharmazeutischer Produkte)
End-of-Line Solutions

Fully automatic vertical case packing machines with robotic pick up. Operational Details It is a fully automatic servo controlled vertical case packer where all the operations are automatic ... mehr

Online-check Weigher (Produktkategorie: Gewicht und Menge (z.B. Kontrollwaagen))
Online-check Weigher

Fully automatic Online Check- Weigher is designed for statistical weight control system to check samples of filled capsules from the automatic capsule- filling machine. Features: Fully ... mehr

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