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Pharma Technologies (Produktkategorie: Aluminium)
Pharma Technologies

ACG Worldwide as a single entity, provides world- class 'consumables and machinery solutions' across a variety of domains. In most of these domains, it is a market leader. A single- source, ... mehr

Industry (Produktkategorie: Komplettanagen zur Herstellung pharmazeutischer Produkte)

ACG Worldwide develops and helps its customers with varied solutions to meet every marketing need. Experienced personnel from ACG, work closely with their customer right from initial talks in terms ... mehr

Mechanical conveying (Produktkategorie: Förder- und Lagersysteme)
Mechanical conveying

Screw conveyors Belt conveyors Bucket elevators Chain conveyors ... mehr

Pneumatic conveying (Produktkategorie: Förder- und Lagersysteme)
Pneumatic conveying

Positive pressure (dilute phase) Negative pressure (dilute phase) Dense phase ... mehr

Insulated Silo (Produktkategorie: Siloanlagen, -zubehör)
Insulated Silo

With stonewool and aluminium foil coating, available also with humidification control systems where appropriate. ... mehr

Weighted tanks (Produktkategorie: Siloanlagen, -zubehör)
Weighted tanks

Also available on weighing cells connected with digital displays or electronic weighing controllers if required continuous monitoring of weight or dosing of material ... mehr

Indoor Silo (Produktkategorie: Siloanlagen, -zubehör)
Indoor Silo

Rectangular or cylinder shape can be built in small dimensions so that they can pass through small entrances. ... mehr

Flat Bottom Silo (Produktkategorie: Siloanlagen, -zubehör)
Flat Bottom Silo

These silos must be constructed on a flat slab. The standard design is for a central and gravity emptying. They are designed to store any kind of dry and easy flowing cereals (wheat, maize, barley, ... mehr

Farm Silo (Produktkategorie: Siloanlagen, -zubehör)
Farm Silo

These silos are designed to be economic for the farmers but according to the norm NFP22- 630. ... mehr

Internal TREVIRA type fabric silo (Produktkategorie: Siloanlagen, -zubehör)
Internal TREVIRA type fabric silo

... mehr

Open mouth bags - sewn or thermal sealed after filling.

Systems available for open mouth bags and weighing systems either in gross or net weight. Available systems also with automatic bag placing. Capacities from 180 bags per hour and construction ... mehr

Valve Bags with the possibility of sealing with ultrasound.

Systems available for valve bags and weighing systems either in gross or net weight. Fully automated systems automatic bag placer. Bag valve sealing with ultrasound system. Capacities from ... mehr

FFS:Bag (Produktkategorie: Beuteln)

In bags of tubular roll - FFS. Compact bagging stations by means of bag shaping, filling and it's closing. Capacities up to 2. 200 bags per hour and construction in ST- 37, AISI 304 or AISI 316. ... mehr

Big-Bag systems (Produktkategorie: Big-Bags)
Big-Bag systems

Big- bag filling system with 1 or 4 handles for bags of 500 to 2000 kg. It can be equipped with different dosing and weighing systems according to the physical characteristics of the product. The bag ... mehr

ACTEcoat (Produktkategorie: Coatings)

Einbrennlacke und Primer, farblos oder pigmentiert, für Aluminium oder Weißblech, für Verbundmaterialien, für Innen und Außen, für Tafel - und/oder Coillackierungen ... mehr

ACTEseal (Produktkategorie: Coatings)

Heißsiegellacke für Aluminium und Verbundfolien, farblos und pigmentiert. Geeigent zur Versiegelung mit PP, PS, PET, Aluminium, Weißblech, PE, PVC ... mehr

ACTEbond (Produktkategorie: Klebstoff)

Kaschierklebstoffe, lösemittelfrei und -haltig, aromatisch und überwiegend aliphatisch. Geeignete Substrate sind z. B. Aluminium, Polyester, Polyamid, Polyolefin. ... mehr

Adelphi Mastercap (Produktkategorie: Füllgeräte)
Adelphi Mastercap

The Adelphi Mastercap single head in- line indexing and rotary 3 or 4 head capping machines are designed to work with our filling machines.  Our capping machines offer flexibility, robustness, ... mehr

Haywards Heath,West Sussex, Großbritannien / Nordirland

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Adelphi Masterfil (Produktkategorie: Füllgeräte)
Adelphi Masterfil

Adelphi manufacture a comprehensive range of semi- automatic and fully automatic liquid filling machines under the established brand name Masterfil. Our inline, boom fillers and benchtop fillers ... mehr

Haywards Heath,West Sussex, Großbritannien / Nordirland

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Adelphi Response (Produktkategorie: Füllgeräte)
Adelphi Response

Adelphi manufactures the highly regarded range of Response bench top volumetric filling machines, and can deliver reliable after sales support wherever you are in the World. The Response is ... mehr

Haywards Heath,West Sussex, Großbritannien / Nordirland

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