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Our products

Product category: Corrosion protecting agents

A clear view on corrosion protection with BioCor® VCI Film - the VCI-Revolution

MetPro BioCor® is a new generation of VCI film which combines world leading corrosion protection with the highest level of responsibility for occupational health. The vapour corrosion inhibitors integrated into the film consist entirely of natural extracts, redefining toxicological safety in the field of VCI. In addition, the carefully defined dosage meets recycling criteria and promotes optimisation of resources.

The optimum choice for packing clean and dry metal products, without the need for protective oils or greases. Completely safe inany format, the revolutionary BioVCI® in MetPro BioCor® does not need to be removed to allow further processing or assembly of the protected metal component.

Will you find a better VCI film which is safer to use? The added benefit of eliminating any risks to Health and Safety in application has propelled MetPro BioCor® to pole position in the race against corrosion.

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Product category: Corrosion protecting agents

BioCor© VCI Paper – spread the vapour not the rust

We can win the race against corrosion: BioCor© VCI inhibitor papers by MetPro were developed especially for storage and transport of iron and non-iron metals. Corotex papers completely replace the need for common corrosion protection methods such as grease and oil leaving the metals residue free and ready to use.Your components, machines and pre-fabricated metal parts of steel and cast-iron can be easily and cost effectively wrapped and corrosion free.Call us today and get advice from our technical specialists on all of your packaging needs.

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Product category: Corrosion protecting agents

Export and Corrosion protection with Aluminum compound foil

CLIMA packaging alters the atmosphere inside the package by the addition of desiccants (dehumidification) or corrosion inhibitors (chemical passivation) so that no corrosion occurs.

Vastly reduces the moisture transmission rate <0.01g/sq metre/24 h
Protects from the effects of weather such as sun, rain, humidity, salt water as well as dust and dirt
The most reliable proven corrosion protection process used extensively by companies exporting machinery
A long term corrosion protection solution – up to ten years!
The desiccant requirement can be calculated based on the duration of storage of your products
This low cost solution can be applied to your high end products
Simple handling
This light weight packaging is easily disposed of after use
The packaging is hard wearing against impact, vibration and stacking pressure
Your products are residue free after packaging is removed
We can design your bag to suit your product packaging requirements
Your product is still recognizable inside the high quality packaging

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MetPro offers the most comprehensive industrial packaging solutions all under one roof!
High value industrial products worldwide benefit from MetPro’s industrial packaging range, particularly when in transit and storage. Whether an industry needs temporary corrosion prevention, long term conservation, protection during domestic transport or for despatch from online retail, MetPro has become a critical packaging supplier to consult. We offer protection against corrosion, dust, slippage and impact with high performance yet cost-conscious systems.

VCI packaging for reliable corrosion protection
MetPro VCI and Export Packaging materials, such as air cushioning, waxed paper, desiccants and VCI, all provide optimal transit protection for a significant number of products. VCI film bags are made using only the highest quality polyethylene resins and are made to customers’ individual specifications. Consult our web pages for a comprehensive guide to our transit packaging systems, VCI protection and packaging machinery.

We offer: Barrier foils · Aluminium Compound foils · VCI papers · Packaging Consultation · Case liners · Profil packaging · Long Term conservation packaging · anti-corrosion papers · void filled packaging · VCI film bags · desiccants · air cushion machines · Orbital Wrapping machines · waxed papers · air cushioning film · VCI film · Export packaging materials · Transport protectio n· VCI corrosion protection · Steel wrapping · Kraft union · Anti-slip papers · Reinforced laminates · Cold seal

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