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Primary packaging

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Product category: Primary packaging


Unique solution to bring packed water to any place in the world within 24 hours...

  • Individual portions of drinkable water packs until 1 liter
  • To be dropped by transport aircraft, for example type C130
  • Unique solution for immediate disaster relief, worldwide
 A C130 drops 18.000 pouches of 1 liter in few seconds

  • Individual portions of drinkable water dropped above disaster zone
  • Package is developed to fall very slowly
  • When hitting ground, no package damaged, no people hurt !
  • 18 ton of packed water inside C130 transport aircraft
  • Droppable from any height until 3 km

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Product category: Primary packaging

Water Packaging

Large quantities of PET preforms are dropped into the container on one end from where an automatic conveyor transports them to a blowing machine in which the preforms are blown into the final bottle shape.

After blowing, the bottles are filled with safe potable water in a special filling compartment  which operates under positive air pressure preventing contamination from outside. In the same compartment and after filling, the bottles are capped and sealed.

Depending on size, a handle for ease of transport is added and bottles are labelled prior to leave the fully automated machine.
At exit, an optional accumulation table collects the bottles from where the operator takes them for storage

Flexibility in packaging choices. Depending on the specific purpose and application, the solution supplies recyclable PET bottles (0.2 to 10 liters), alternatively pouches, water supply packs to fill camelbacks.

For safe water bottling...

  • Overall quality control from water source to bottle.
  • Fully automated operation to eliminate contamination risks by human contact.
  • Bottling plant designed to meet HACCP, IBWA and FDA regulations.
  • On site water quality control systems.
  • Closed box concept: insulated and dust free container environment.
  • UV-treatment of water, bottles and caps.
  • Overpressurized filling and capping area for germ free air (Steribox).

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About us

Company details

Our goal:
ContenO is a manufacturer of Mobile Water Purification and Packaging Systems.
ContenO offers different solutions for drinkable water, anywhere.

Due to global warming and population increase, water will become top priority (Red Cross).
The need for drinkable water will double in 50 years (UN study).
Water will become more critical than energy problem (NY-Times).
More than one in six people worldwide - 894 million - don't have access to this amount of safe freshwater (WHO).

To provide drinkable water worldwide with innovative mobile purification and packaging solutions.

ContenO has elaborated 4 solutions to provide drinkable water worldwide with innovative mobile treatment and packaging solutions.
  • AquaDrop
  • AquaTrailer
  • AquaContainer
  • AquaVillage

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  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Consumer goods (non-food)