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  • 03  Machines and equipment for the production of confectionery (Chocolate confectionery, sugar confectionary, gum)
  • 03.01  Complete lines for the production of confectionery (Chocolate confectionery, sugar confectionary, gum)
  • 03.01.07  Complete lines for the Production of chocolate

Our products

Product category: Complete lines for the Production of chocolate

Horizontal mixers - kneaders for chocolate

Series: MIO-CI
Process: Batch dosing and mixing
Output capacity: Up to 3,000 l

The TECNO 3 MIO-CI series horizontal mixers-kneaders are designed and manufactured to prepare batches of solid and liquid products intended for subsequent processing. The MIO-CR mixer-kneaders can be mounted on loading cells to accurately dose the ingredients. These are introduced in the upper part of the tank either manually or automatically, according to production requirements. There is also the option of automating the ingredient feeding and dosing operations, and the mixing and unloading operations. In this case, the management of the process is entrusted to the PLC and the parameters are defined on the touch-screen operator panel.

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Product category: Complete lines for the Production of chocolate

Continuous doser mixers for chocolate

Series: MDC-CI
Process: Continuous dosing and mixing
Output capacity: Up to 2,000 kg/h

The TECNO 3 MDC-CI series continuous doser-mixer is used in the first stage of the chocolate production process to evenly dose and mix the liquid and solid ingredients required in the recipes. Recipe management and ingredient dosage are controlled from the PLC, which also acts on all the other operating parameters. Unlike traditional batch systems, with loads that at times can involve considerably large amounts for each production unit, the TECNO 3 continuous doser-mixer allows you to manage small residual amounts, in the event that the production process is interrupted due to downstream line anomalies. Power consumption is significantly reduced, thanks to an innovative and special system design.

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Product category: Complete lines for the Production of chocolate

Continuous refining systems for chocolate

Series: P10S-CI
Process: Continuous refining
Output capacity: Up to 1,000 kg/h

The TECNO 3 P10S-CI series system, which applies a brand new refining concept to chocolate production, is specially designed to refine the product continuously in a single step and represents a significant breakthrough in terms of simplifying the process, saving space and energy. It is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel and all recipe parameters, referred to the various system operating units, can be set on the touch-screen operator panel and managed from the PLC.

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About us

Company details

TECNO 3 is ability to listen, technical expertise, and above all, passion. That of the engineers and technologists who work to offer solutions capable of "thinking outside the box". That of the technicians who make the machines extremely accurately and carefully. A union that, in almost 30 years of activity on the domestic and foreign markets, has led to the development of innovative and high performance projects. Complete lines, with robotic integrations, capable of responding to the demands of the confectionery industry, going beyond the conventional methods. Beyond standards.
For this reason TECNO 3 is a lot more than the systems and machines that it produces. It is a group of people who are passionate about their work: the technical partners of the best confectionery industries.

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