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Our products

Product category: Air cleaning machines

RONAIR Pet Food Dryer

Thanks to the combination of the advantages of air knife and Y slot plate technology, the industrial drying solutions of Ronair are particularly suited for drying of food packaging.

Our customer C&D Foods is a large producer of pet food that was looking for a cost and energy efficient solution to remove the water drops on the packaging of their products (aluminium containers of 100 and 150g). For this application, we have designed and built the Pet Food Dryer. The unique imbedded belt conveying system guides the product along the applied dryer elements. Thus, all sides of the product can be dried effectively in only one passage.

Solution to several problems
• The Ronair drying unit offers a solution to various problems that may occur during the packaging process. Some examples:
• The negative influence of water drops on camera inspection systems
• Unreadable or messy inkjet coding due to moisture
• Deviations of weight measurements
• Issues with condensation and mold
• Difficulties in the application of labels or sleeves on wet products

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Product category: Air cleaning machines

RONAIR Drying Unit Pouches of Adhesive

Our customer is a worldwide market leader in adhesives. The bags of hot-melt adhesive that they produce in small and large format must be dried before they are packaged.

A Ronair drying solution with two separate modules was designed for this application.
The drying module also includes three drying plates: two above the conveyor belt and one larger one just below the strings. We also use nozzles to dry the sides of the product. Silicone wheels are positioned near the nozzles to keep the bags of glue in position when air is blown onto them.
The other module contains a fan, filter and electrical cabinet with PLC control. The Touch Panel can be used to control the air pressure and the speed of the supply conveyor and belts. At the request of the customer, process visualisation can also be displayed on this screen.

While carrying out the factory acceptance test (FAT) the Ronair machine achieved a noise level below 80dB(A).

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Product category: Air cleaning machines

RONAIR Drying Unit Spray Bottles

Our customer is a developer of various household products, some of which are sold in plastic spray bottles. After the application of the shrink sleeves, these bottles need to be dried before they can be packaged in cardboard boxes.

We designed a Ronair machine that consists of two separate modules and that can easily be integrated around the existing conveyor of the customer. One module contains a fan, filter and electrical cabinet. The blower is controlled by a frequency inverter with integrated Profinet module that makes it possible to establish the connection at a distance. The drying module consists of an air knife to dry the top of the bottles and drying boxes for the sides.

Since the noise level was a very important factor for the customer (maximum of 75dB(A) allowed), additional efforts were needed to reduce the noise as much as possible:
• The addition of prolonged sound-reducing in- and outlet tunnels with extra dividers on both ends of the drying module
• The placement of sound-absorbing panels on the inside of the module

During the FAT, the Ronair machine complied with the agreed requirements.

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About us

Company details

Almeco is a specialist in drying systems. Depending on the products to dry, we offer different configurations. We have the desire to face every challenge our customer comes across.

Some products can’t be dried with a standard system and this is where RONAIR comes into play. With our very own RONAIR brand we provide custom made installations which are adaptable to the specific needs and requirements of our clients. Our optimized system guarantees an optimal blowing capacity at a minimal cost and with minimal impact on the environment. In the product section on this page we present some of our drying solutions we created for the food industry and other industrial applications over the last years.

Almeco is a reliable partner for fans, drying systems and cooling towers. Based on your needs, we look for the most efficient solution, either a standard or a custom product made to measure. Almeco is a specialist in drying systems based on air knife technology. Moreover, we maintain your existing installations and blowers and we supply spare parts. In most cases you can experience a lot of possibilities of our drying systems with one test. Engineering and design are done with constant striving for safety and quality improvement.

We focus on:

  • Constantly improving the quality of our products and services, and of our organisation
  • Searching, together with our customers, for the most efficient solutions (standard models or custom-made products or systems)
  • Respect for safety and the environment
  • Ensuring short delivery terms for standard models
  • Compiling a team of motivated employees who play an important part in realising our goals

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  • Food
  • Industrial goods
  • Beverages