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interpack is the essential event for the food, beverage, confectionery, bakery, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, non-food and industrial goods sectors. No other trade fair in the world presents the entire supply chain. At no other trade fair does the packaging industry provide all sectors with tailored solutions and innovative designs based on such a variety of materials, and it is, of course, THE event for the packaging industry.
Processing and packaging. Distribution, consumer protection and protection against product piracy. Protection against contamination, deterioration or damage and for proper handling – the challenges are huge and only an overall approach can meet the demands set by old and new markets, social change, evolving consumer habits and rapidly developing trends and ensure success across the board.

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Pharmaceutical packaging: safety a top priority
Country-specific comparative studies, as-is states and outlooks for the future market situation due to counterfeited pharmaceuticals make it clear what the packaging industry will be faced with. The USA and Canada are considered especially effective in combating illegal drugs.
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Nothing like a nice cuppa
The innovative design of this new tea packaging conveys a sense of enjoyment well before you pour the first cup.
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Originally PET bottles were above all intended for carbonated beverages. Recently, however, we have seen a steady increase in PET-bottled fruit juices.
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New product solution for PET bottles
There has been a steady increase in the sale of PET bottles, partly because of their benefits in terms of transport and waste disposal. Also, innovative manufacturing methods have made such bottles more flexible to handle and have reduced their carbon footprint.
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Success Formula
Commitment, stamina and a shared goal: these are the “ingredients” that SAVE FOOD and Azuri Health have mixed to produce tasty dried mangoes.
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Infografik - Carriage of dangerous goods
Is packaging able to make confectionery even sweeter? Yes, indeed! 60 percent of the consumers attach great importance to an appealing visual presentation and 45 percent of them prefer decorated packages for their sweets. Our infographic shows interesting packaging trends for the confectionery industry.
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Olaf Müller and Michael Schuhmacher
Düsseldorf Airport is the biggest airport in North Rhine Westphalia. 22.5 million passengers pass through the airport every year. This also means that a large amount of cargo is handled at the airport. In 2015 the volume was 105,300 tonnes, a figure which regularly also includes so-called dangerous goods.
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Smart pallets
Newly designed pallet liners can be used as advertising space.
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Anticipation x 24
This refillable Advent Calendar from Swiss chocolatier Fabian Rimann gets pulses racing.
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Invisible barcode could revolutionise packaging market
Invisible to the human eye special image scanners are capable of selectively decoding information from so-called Digital Watermark Codes (DWCodes) – an innovation with promising potential for the packaging market. At present, retail giant Walmart is testing this technology at its outlets.
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interpack alliance

The new label interpack alliance spans all international events staged by Messe Düsseldorf under its Processing & Packaging portfolio.

The interpack alliance addresses the target groups of food, beverages, confectionery and bakery, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, non-food consumer goods and industrial goods in key emerging markets, focusing on different areas in each individual event. 

In addition, successful special topics such as SAVE FOOD and components will also be represented at the trade fairs making up the interpack alliance.
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