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New trends in pharmaceutical packaging
The falsified Medicines Directive requires all packaging in the pharmaceutical sector in the EU to bear an individual serial number by 2019. This obliges packaging service providers for the pharmaceutical sector to implement measures for the serialisation of medicine packaging within 3 years
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Probably the best
It’s a green bottle, it’s nice to hold, and men love it. No, this isn’t beer were talking about – or is it?
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Not in the Bag
Plastic bags are disappearing from more and more supermarkets. The accusation that they are detrimental to the environment puts governments, industry and trade around the globe under pressure.
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Perfectly imperfect
Tesco’s have decided to do something about global food waste. The supermarket chain recently developed a new range called Wonky Food which has its own, specially designed packaging. The fruit and veg is sold at selected outlets and is the kind that most of us wouldn’t be very keen on.
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Plain text at a glance
Food labelling is meant to inform consumers about nutritional values and the health risks of products. But some companies are trying to find a way around these ratings thereby reducing the actual added value of these ratings.
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Far more than just packaging
As a rule cardboard packaging is brown or white and a rather boring sight most of the time. It serves to protect transportable goods and is perfectly suited to recycling. What cardboard cartons can do for you above and beyond this, is demonstrated by various pieces of furniture made out of the sustainable raw material paper.
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Impressive Materials, Printing Presses and Marketing
As with all other packaging cosmetic packaging also primarily serves to protect the product inside. The special challenge for packaging design in the beauty sector, however, is that it must convince shoppers of the contents although this is still totally unknown to them. How this can be achieved is revealed by a selection of cosmetic packaging receiving awards recently.
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Lucky Lips ...
Matt, shiny, with gloss effect, in bright red, powder or shocking pink or blackberry: the range of shades is as diverse as the packaging versions of the “Stylo de Amour”.
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A question of size
And the question of size is an eternal one: a British marketing firm now gets to the bottom of this shrinking chocolate bar myth.
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Three cups of hot coffee from the bag
No compromises on taste: for picnics, camping, the garden, office and all outdoor “tasks” freshly brewed coffee is now available – conveniently poured from a bag. Photo: Coffeebrewer Nordic A/S
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