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Cold coffee – but perfectly fresh
A nice cup of coffee doesn’t always have to come freshly brewed in a mug, but can sometimes also be served in a plastic cup – or it can even come from a can.
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The lightest bottle in the world
Packaging needs to be robust – and light. This also applies to drinks bottles – for instance PET bottles.
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Pleasantly fragrant packaging
There’s nothing like a pleasant fragrance to make us feel happy and contented.
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PureCycle: How Procter & Gamble want to revolutionise plastics recycling
Sustainability is now a major trend. Both consumers and packaging manufacturers are seeking to adopt a conscious approach to materials and their recyclability. When it comes to plastics recycling, there is of course still room for improvement. However, new processes are now available which may be heralding a revolution.
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How do you safely pack US$ 110.5 million?
Most of those buying artworks at Sotheby’s auctions spend several thousands, if not millions of dollars on them. They are well advised then to trust in the right packaging for transport.
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Throughout his career, The Dieline Founder, CEO and Editor-In-Chief Andrew Gibbs had the opportunity to follow developments and to monitor how they influence the packaging industry, for instance, with new designs.
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pacprocess Tehran - Iran, a growth market
As a member of the umbrella brand interpack alliance, pacprocess Tehran takes place from 12 till 15 october, as new platform in Iran for all suppliers of packaging technology and related process industries along the complete value creation chain. Find all information why Iran is such an exciting packaging market in our infografic.
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Fitting Rounds into Square Spaces
Quoting this famous line by a German national football team coach we are not automatically referring to football. A smart transport solution for water melons and other innovative packaging shows how the industry has responded to consumer wishes for a longer shelf life and more convenience.
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Warm beer a thing of the past
Packaging concepts with integrated ice packs and handy single-serve sizes make for the right refreshment on hot days and while out and about.
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More safety and convenience for pharmaceutical packaging
Pharmaceutical packaging is subject to major demands which are now being addressed by the industry with new innovations.
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