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Expensive Paper
Since the start of 2017 the global paper market as well as the affiliated packaging industry has been feeling the effects of raw material shortages. One of the areas where rising raw material prices are prompting concern is the corrugated card and paper industry.
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Finer Living with Packaging
What looks nice sells well. Packaging is a considerable sales argument in the cosmetics market.
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Bioplastics: Sustainable Alternative or Greenwashing?
Bioplastics have been a hot topic in the packaging industry for decades now. Just like with other materials they have their advantages and disadvantages. Only open and honest communication can bring enlightenment.
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More Bottled Water
The market for packaging is growing. Studies show that this growth will especially benefit the food packaging segment and flexible plastics as well as bottles, in particular. Here the sustained trend towards health-conscious products is expected to cause an increase above all in water bottles.
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US $975 billion turnover generated with packaging
In 2018 sales of packaging are expected to go up to US$ 975 billion. International market research companies have recently studied this successful industry and taken a close look at trends and tomorrow’s packaging solutions.
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Saving Water with Packaging
(Clean) water is life – but this resource is finite, too. Even now some countries are suffering from a lack of this precious liquid. Packaging manufacturers are also looking for solutions to raise consumer awareness about saving water with their products.
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Better prepared
The pharmaceutical industry is facing major challenges in implementing the Falsified Medicines Directive. It will have to find solutions very soon if it wants to prevent the recent problem in the United States where the authorities had to postpone the launch of a similar regulation by one year because the industry was not sufficiently well prepared.
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Creating a finished product – layer by layer
From vision to mission: 3D printing has revolutionary potential – not just in the world of packaging.
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Manufacturers to be held liable for load safety
Whenever goods are transported from A to B, safe packaging is indispensable. From June 2018 onwards a new EU-wide directive will be in force, with new regulations on requirements and liabilities.
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Packaging for Puss and Fido
Only the best food is good enough for man’s best friend. And what’s true for dogs is also true for the other pets: their owners are currently getting more demanding in terms of both content and packaging.
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