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Bohle BRC 25 - Small dry granulator rounds off the range of products

Ennigerloh/Düsseldorf, May 2017 - With the Bohle BRC 25 dry granulator, L. B. Bohle presents a compact version of the BRC 100, which has been in operation since 2012, at Interpack 2017. The BRC 25 is designed for simple handling, continuous production and a small footprint.

Roller compactors such as the BRC 25 are used for processing powder into free-flowing granulates. For pharmaceutical manufacturers, it is crucial to obtain a granule with a precisely defined thickness and porosity for immediate tabletting in the following step. To this end, the powder is fed via a dosing unit, compacted between two rollers with gaps ranging from one to six mm and discharged as slugs. This is a compacted, band-shaped material. The thickness of the slugs depends on the press force of the rollers and the gap width. These parameters are defined in advance and monitored by sensors. All data are integrated into a control circuit to continuously ensure optimum process parameters.

The chopper unit below the compact rollers processes slugs into granulates. The unit is equipped with a conical sieve with exchangeable sieve units to achieve different particle sizes.

Innovative roller control

In conventional hydraulic systems, it is particularly problematic to control the press force of the rollers if the process must be in accordance with hygienic design, i.e. the design of components which is suitable for cleaning. For example, a hydraulic system only works with appropriate lubricants, which pollute the environment and pose a risk of contamination. The BRC 25 is therefore based on the proven electro-mechanical design of the BRC 100, since it is particularly easy to configure and clean.

With the Bohle BRC 25, the need for frequent adjustment of the axes, as necessary with conventional roller compactors, is also eliminated. The axes are mechanically stable so that elastic deformation is prevented. In addition to high reliability, this ensures uncomplicated maintenance: Even if cleaning is required, only four screws must be loosened. Furthermore, Bohle engineers reduced the overall footprint by 20 percent. Nevertheless, users of the BRC 25 can switch to the larger model at any time: Roller geometry and control are identical in both machines.



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