PTI - Packaging Technologies & Inspection

CCIT - PTI Affiliate Office Opens in Europe


PTI is pleased to announce the opening of CCIT s.a. in Switzerland, an analytical leak detection laboratory and inspection equipment provider, whose purpose is to support customers with specialized package integrity testing services and expertise.

Located just 30 minutes outside of Geneva, CCIT is specialized in providing the best non-destructive, quantitative technologies for package testing.

• Equipment demonstrations and technical expertise

• Service and parts support of PTI test equipment

• Calibration service and maintenance support

• Feasibility studies and test method development services.

• CCIT and regulatory consulting services (including new USP <1207>)

CCIT’s feasibility studies for package quality testing and test method development leave clients with raw data, statistical analysis of data sets, and a full report on the test method to confirm the recommended approach related to a specific package or container. Through its affiliation to PTI, and its partner companies, CCIT has access to world class test equipment.

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