Contact & How To Buy Tickets

You can redeem vouchers at our ticket shop and buy tickets and a range of other items (trade fair catalogues etc.). To use our ticket shop, you need your personal login details. To obtain these details you first need to register:
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+49 211 4560 - 7600

Redeeming vouchers

Vouchers can be exchanged for e-tickets in the ticket shop. This saves you waiting times at the exhibition centre, as you can use your e-ticket to gain access straight away.

All you need to do is register in the ticket shop with your personal details. You will find a box entitled “Redeem voucher”. Find the code on your voucher and enter it into the box.

A list of items is presented, which automatically contains the type of ticket which you will receive for your voucher. In addition to your redeemed voucher, you may want to buy further items from the list.

Remember that each voucher matches a certain type of entrance ticket, i.e. there are different vouchers, for instance, for day tickets and multi-day tickets. There is a note on your voucher, indicating the type of ticket you will receive.

E-tickets / entrance tickets

Our ticket shop enables you to purchase your entrance ticket before the trade fair. This e-ticket gives you direct access to the trade fair, without the need to wait in the entrance area.

All you need to do is register in the ticket shop with your personal details. You will find a list of entrance tickets that can be ordered. Yo can buy tickets both for yourself and for further persons.
Any tickets you buy for yourself will contain the personal details you specified upon registration. Tickets for further persons are called Bring-a-Colleague tickets and can be personalised later by the bearer.

Once you have completed the order process, you can download and print out your entrance tickets. They will also be sent to the e-mail address you gave us. Print the tickets in their original size and bring them along to the trade fair.

Further benefits:

Use of public transport
Your entrance ticket gives you free use of all public transport within the catchment area of the local transport authority VRR, incl. the railway system (standard class, on trains not requiring supplements and in conjunction with your national ID card or passport).
Bezahlmöglichkeiten im Ticketshop

Payment options

You can pay be credit card in the ticket shop. We accept VISA, Master Card and AMEX.

System requirements

The ticket shop has been optimised for use with Internet Explorer (from version 7.0) and Firefox (from version 3.x).