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Counterfeit protection in cosmetics packaging

June 2015 – Experts believe that the global cosmetics market will continue to expand substantially until 2025, and a rapid increase in demand has been forecast for China and India, in particular. Around the globe the growing economic strength of emerging markets, the importance of demographic aspects, a rising interest in bodycare products among the male population and increasing time pressure in everyday life are requiring innovative packaging solutions.

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Security and tracking

The international company Checkpoint Systems has developed two RFID labels – Slim and Whisper – which are designed especially for the bodycare retail trade and which offer even greater protection in the movement of goods. Tailored precisely for the needs of the industry’s inventory management with mainly small-format packaging and complex article numbers, the self-adhesive chips are tamper-proof and easy to attach to packages.
Another innovation on the market takes the form of an invisible protective function for cosmetics. Signoptic Technology from the rlc Packaging Group is based on performing an optical scan on the unique surface texture of a given material, allowing a fast check of the product authenticity.
Another option is to mark the product with a security code that is invisible to the naked eye – micro-markings that make it possible to detect counterfeits, using a smartphone app. Laser gloss technology as a replacement of film lamination involves a special reusable film which is applied while the paint is still wet, thus simultaneously adding high-quality refinement to the packaging.

Finally, this latest raft of innovations also includes an innovative form of theft protection within the retail space: thanks to the scalable wireless Instore Network S3i, business owners know at all times where their goods are located.

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