The Origin Box: Sustainable and Innovative © iggesund

The Origin Box: Sustainable and Innovative © iggesund

Creative packaging for chocolate

Special sustainable paper

May 2015 – An original form of chocolate packaging has been developed in Switzerland. On the package, Limmatdruck Zeiler AG shows a picture of the actual chocolate, Les Recettes de l’Atelier from Cailler, in a 1:1 format, using paper with low-migration dyes and residue-free inks.

The award-winning packaging solution from the Belgian company Du Caju Printing & Packaging is based on Iggesund cardboard which is perfectly odourless and neutral in taste. The outer box in their latest product creation, Origin Box, consists of special brown James Cropper paper and comes with a turning wheel that provides information about the chocolate samples inside.
Five Boros — Nel Sparkman‪‬,

Five Boros — Nel Sparkman‪‬,

Chocolate shows the way

New York City has five borough, and each borough has its own special character. Anyone wanting to get a taste of those boroughs without getting lost – yet also without GPS – can kill two birds with one stone. Nel Spelman’s design idea, Five Boros, is an innovative form of chocolate bar packaging that helps tourists find their way through the hustle and bustle of New York. Each chocolate product represents the special features of Manhattan, Queens, etc. with special ingredients. Brooklyn, for instance, is associated with dark, crunchy chocolate. The city map on the packaging was designed in a screen-printing process and can be re-used as a conventional folded map once the chocolate has been eaten.

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