Schlicht, aber elegant und konsumentenfreundlich: So präsentiert der italienische Modekonzern ‚Armani’ seine neue Verpackungsserie mit hochwertigem Klappdeckel und Magnetverschluss. © Rissmann

© Rissmann

Customer-friendly closures

September 2015 – The packaging industry has been working on suitable solutions to give customers the greatest amount of product information at the earliest stage, the POS. An increasing number of boxes and cartons therefore now allow convenient opening and resealing and are available in shapes that will suit any product. The RLC Packaging Group has addressed this need, for instance, with an unusual form of packaging for tights – and has received an award for it.

Tights packaging on the test bench

The production of shapewear boxes is not without complications. This is because poor-quality packaging can easily pull out threads from sensitive textiles. The standard which is currently in use is a flat paper envelope in a plastic skin. The tights are then wrapped around a piece of cardboard and folded. In many cases the packaging has a window, giving a glimpse of the material quality and the colour of the tights. High-quality lingerie is often wrapped in soft tissue paper or film and placed in boxes. This means that the tights do not come into contact with the closure, avoiding any damage that may result, for instance, from packaging with kinks.

Soft touch, PET windows, and resealable packaging

Using a design created by the advertising agency Leo Burnett, the RLC Packaging Group recently put a shapewear product on the market, called Item m6 (from Medi). The packaging of the product was found to be convincing by this year’s Red Dot Award jury.

After reviewing 7,451 submissions from all over the world, the jury decided that this velvety tights packaging – which is also easy to view and handy to open – should be classified as outstanding in the digital communication category. The robust yet very smart box can be opened and resealed with a single click.

The PET windows on the top and back of the packaging give the consumer a view of the product, while the practical closure also provides a more tangible impression of the same. The soft-touch black-and-white surface is the result of modern UV printing.
Customers are very much attracted to high-quality resealable packaging, not just in textiles, but also in cosmetics. Plain, yet nevertheless smart and customer-friendly – this is how the Italian fashion group Armani presents its new packaging series.

The Magic Box, designed by Rissmann, has a smart magnetic closure and an equally exquisite folding lid. The product can be folded flat, without being filled, and is therefore also suitable for e-commerce. The sides can be stabilised quickly and easily, while the viewing windows and inlays can be adjusted to suit the product.

As a leading supplier of high-quality, innovative paper and board packaging solutions, Edelmann is another company that has devoted itself to combining luxury and practical use. Its CEBox allows the eco-friendly and space-saving stacking of both solid and liquid products.

End customers benefit from the resealable folding box, as the tube which which is attached to the box allows precise dosing and ensures that the entire package can be emptied without leaving a residue. Aluminium and plastic closure systems and their dimensions can easily be adjusted in the packaging without needing major modifications.

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