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© luchot / fotolia.com

Design and technology for bakery products packaging

Dr. Oetker ready-to-eat cakes

August 2015 – The German family-owned ‘Dr. Oetker’ company is mainly known for its foodstuff sector. By taking over of the bakery products giant ‚Conditorei Coppenrath & Wiese’, the company confirmed its commitment to this sector, and will create frozen tortes, cakes and baked goods in innovative packaging in addition to its ready-to-use baking mixes. For all the kid bakers around, Dr. Oetker offers fancy baking-mix sets in decorative packaging depicting Minnie Mouse & Co. which also include cookie cutters.

Fold-up boxes for frozen bakery products

With its octagonal box, the premium bakery ’Erlenbacher Backwaren GmbH’ is introducing a novelty in frozen baked goods packaging to the market. So far, this ‘Nestlé subsidiary’ was primarily known to bulk consumers and chain stores. From now on, the frozen baked goods specialist will also offer its own brand to private consumers. The practical and strikingly different packaging was developed by ‘STI-Gustav Stabernack GmbH’; its graphic design was created by the Offenbach-based food agency ‘taste’. The white background, adorned by a black banderole made from a mat paste with UV varnish, as well as the company logo are designed to stress how exquisite the cakes are.

The scanner’s strong red light makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor application. © BARCOTEC

Deployment of mobile scanners

Packaging plays a major role in keeping bread fresh and crusty during the entire supply chain without undermining its quality. To guarantee fast packaging processes, modern scanner technology is used. At the ‘Lieken Brot- und Backwaren GmbH’ in Düsseldorf, the innovative ‘Datalogic’ packaging process was recently introduced. This Italian company is specialising in reading devices, and their “Skorpio X3“ handset enables employees to pick and pack freshly baked goods without wasting time and to deliver them to about 15,000 retailers. The labels affixed to the pallets are scanned on site, and the respective data is automatically assigned to the respective order. Thanks to light and audio signals, this technology can also be used in noisy environments, and promises to be an effective tool for internal stock-taking procedures

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