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innovationparc is a unique trade name of interpack and the show's own forum for special themes of the future.

Visitors and exhibitors meet here for an exchange of creative ideas and the development of visionary ideas on basic social, economic and ecological themes.

In 2014 the innovationparc will be dedicated to the SAVE FOOD theme. With the aid of renowned experts, the aim is to develop sustainable packaging concepts which will explicitly reduce food loss around the world. Every year virtually 1/3 of all food is lost. Worldwide this means 1.3 billion tons rendered unusable because of inappropriate storage, poor transport conditions and under-developed conservation and packaging-methods.

However, food waste is an equally large theme. Over-production of food in western industrial nations results, for example, in food being rejected for minor visual faults. In the innovationparc, stakeholders in the food industry, trade, packaging and logistics who are involved in the supply chain will be looking for new ways to stem these losses and thus fight global hunger.
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