The shape of the Square Can has good benefits in storage and transport.  Photo: Sonoco

The shape of the Square Can has good benefits in storage and transport. Photo: Sonoco

It squares up nicely: the square multipurpose solution for snacks and similar products

A perfect all-rounder that protects breakable food items

Sonoco’s cylindrical multipurpose cans have been standard solutions in convenience packaging for a long time. The company is now extending its product range to include a new square variety, called Square Can. The bottom of this can is 104 x 94 mm in size, and the container has a resealable hinged lid, making the Square Can ideal for crisps and other snacks. At the same time the rectangular format solves the most important logistical problem of storage and transport, providing ideal protection while at the same time using less space.

Crisps and other snacks keep fresh for longer

The new multipurpose can has a large number of benefits over a conventional crisp bag. Once a crisp bag has been opened, the crisps have a rather short lifetime and lose their tastiness. The Square Can is going to change all this. The integrated hinged lid makes it possible to seal the new multipurpose can after it has been opened, so that it is airtight again and the precious content continues to be fresh and tasty. The closure can be decorated in an in-mould labelling (IML) process, so that the label is firmly glued to the body of the can. Thanks to optimised printing technology, it is even possible to use photorealistic images. Moreover, IML allows the integration of messages and images directly into the sealing material during production.
Once a traditional crisp bag has been opened, we have two options: either eat them all straightaway or put up with limp crisps the following day. With the Square Can and its hinged lid this situation has changed, and the crisps will keep fresh for longer.
The square multipurpose can is also suitable for other purposes – for instance, to preserve the aroma of tobacco products. An additional benefit is that the European-wide standard warning notes are currently only prescribed for the lids of cylindrical multipurpose cans, while rectangular formats are not covered.

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