LC Packaging International B.V.

LC Packaging’s FIBC packaging solutions: An integral part of the recycling industry

LC Packaging, leading packaging producer and distributor, is not only committed to reducing its own environmental footprint. The company is also committed to offering the most sustainable packaging solutions to the waste and recycling industry. By supplying its FIBCs to an extensive customer base, its bags have become an integral part of the recycling sector.

Marcel Schouten, Director FIBC: “We support the recycling industry in delivering more sustainable packaging or products by using post waste to improve the environmental footprint. Our goal is to contribute to high confidence in operational safety and efficiency. Our bags comply with all required quality regulations and our customers receive the best service from our packaging experts.”

Reconditioning and recycling FIBCs
As well as serving the recycling and waste market, LC Packaging offers its customers an FIBC reconditioning and recycling service. Under the name WorldBag, the company collects used big bags from all over Europe, cleaning and repairing them, ready for reuse. The bags are then delivered to the customers in pristine condition. With this closed-loop formula, WorldBag offers a unique, efficient, sustainable, 100% solution. Some big bags can be reconditioned up to six times! Reconditioning big bags ensures the right balance between a long life span and low costs.

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