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LC Packaging launches Food Safe Assurance Programme

This month LC Packaging, leader in flexible packaging solutions, has launched its ‘Food Safe Assurance Programme’. As an FIBC producer and distributor with many customers in the food and pharma industry, LC Packaging understands the importance of food safe packaging. With the Food Safe Assurance Programme, LC Packaging offers its customers the cleanest and safest FIBCs, produced in a state-of-the-art cleanroom, that meet the highest industry standards.

Director FIBC LC Packaging, Marcel Schouten:
“The biggest challenges for the food and food ingredients industry are protecting their valuable products and gaining and maintaining the consumers’ trust in food safety. Food safety crisis situations and outbreaks can be considered some of the largest threats for companies and even for entire industries. With our Food Safe Assurance Programme, we inform our stakeholders about all the elements that make a product ‘food safe’ and offer our customers high quality, food safe
packaging, protecting their valuable product and their consumers’ trust.”

Crucial elements for food safety
The LC Packaging Food Safe Assurance Programme includes six crucial elements to meet the standard for all food safe packaging, including high-level quality management, sustainable production, cost and operational efficiency, innovative product design, cleanroom manufacturing technology and consulting on food safe packaging and safety risks.

Attachment: Food Safe Assurance Programme Leaflet

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