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Leister hot air recycling – sustainable and economical

Hot-air is increasingly deployed in industrial processes. Typical applications include activating, heating, curing, melting, shrinking, welding, sterilizing, drying and warming to name a few. 
With the rising number of possibilities and fields of application, the demand for greater sustainability becomes more important. However, the considerate use of resources is not only intended to protect the environment but also represents a tremendous economic added value for the customer. This not only pays off in the longevity of the products themselves – improved energy efficiency is also worthwhile from a financial perspective.
That is why Leister counts on its outstanding innovativeness and purposefully invests in sustainable research and development that is fit for the future.  Large amounts of energy and thus money can be saved by recycling the hot air. LEISTER has customized solutions for combining air heaters and blowers which are suitable for recycling hot air thanks to a design made to withstand high temperatures.

Leister’s is going to demonstrate this principle at the interpack / compontes 2017 trade fair with a practical example. Popcorn is being produced at exhibition Hall 18 / H06 using hot air recycling. Visitors can observe live how kernels of corn turn into popcorn and see the benefits of such efficient hot air recycling for themselves on site.

Leister not only emphasizes the importance of sustainability with this innovation but also proves that mature technology is able to provide customers with added value from a financial perspective as well.

Exhibitor Data Sheet