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Plastics made from sweet potatoes and thyme is said to provide better barrier protection, so that food will stay fresh for longer.  Photo: süskartoffel © karepa, fotolia.com

Back to Nature


Bioplastics as an alternative or supplement to conventional plastics are by no means new in the world of packaging. What is new, however, is the increasing diversity in the combinations of raw materials and improvements in potential applications.
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Photo: Mayr-Melnhof Packaging. Artists: Gerlinde Gruber & Christine Strempel

Packaging: things that matter to the consumer


We tend to think that different countries have different customs, but this doesn’t seem to apply to consumer preferences for packaging material. Whether it’s Europeans, Asians or Americans, all of them appear to be enjoying paper and cardboard as packaging.
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Photo: Schreiner Group

Target Group Millennials: Digital Packaging


As a key target group across varied sectors they have their own demands when it comes to packaging: so-called “millennials” require a new approach – moving away from traditional packaging towards smart packaging.
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Photo: Coopbox Italy

Well packed


Modern packaging can help increase quality and shelf-life, especially for fresh meat.
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Vegan food, vegan cosmetics – the product trend is spilling out onto the packaging. Photo: © Minerva / fotolia.com

Vegan Wrap


Vegan food can now be found on every street corner – but what is the situation with packaging?
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Photo: Louise Fili

Designed in good taste


Here’s a trick which every toddler knows: If you don’t like your food, just hold your nose while eating, and you won’t notice the taste. This shows that our senses of smell and taste are closely related. But many studies have shown that this is also true for other senses. Our visual impressions, too, play a major role during food intake.
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Challenge for 2017: rising raw material prices Photo: Robotic factory line for processing and bottling pure spring water into canisters and bottles. Selective focus. © tamara83, fotolia.com

Good times for plastic packaging


A survey by the German Association for Plastic Packaging and Films (IK) has shown that plastic packaging manufacturers are pleased with the economic situation and optimistic about 2017.
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A juicy variety of different packages for some fruity tea blends.

Nothing like a nice cuppa


The innovative design of this new tea packaging conveys a sense of enjoyment well before you pour the first cup.
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A basic prerequisite for growing export success are safe conditions in the fresh mango business. Packaging, of course. Photo: Wipf AG

Success Formula


Commitment, stamina and a shared goal: these are the “ingredients” that SAVE FOOD and Azuri Health have mixed to produce tasty dried mangoes.
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Somehow reminiscent of the invisible magic ink in J. K. Rowling's books. Hidden barcodes on the packaging as a promising innovation on the packaging market. Photo: Digimarc Corporation

Invisible barcode could revolutionise packaging market


Invisible to the human eye special image scanners are capable of selectively decoding information from so-called Digital Watermark Codes (DWCodes) – an innovation with promising potential for the packaging market. At present, retail giant Walmart is testing this technology at its outlets.
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