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EXTENDO high-barrier films protect food against mineral oil migration. Photo: Taghleef Industries

Migration of Mineral Oils: solutions not sufficiently used so far


This issue is not new to the packaging industry: there are numerous solutions to prevent the migration of mineral oils offered by manufacturers but these are only rarely made use of by retailers and food producers.
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Processing, recycling and multi-use are basically also possible with bio plastics, says the Institute for Bioplastics and Biocomposites (IfBB) at Hochschule Hannover.

Bioplastics: Sustainable Alternative or Greenwashing?


Bioplastics have been a hot topic in the packaging industry for decades now. Just like with other materials they have their advantages and disadvantages. Only open and honest communication can bring enlightenment.
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Mondi makes for innovations with its Zipper Pouch for easy opening and re-sealing. Photo: Mondi Group

US $975 billion turnover generated with packaging


In 2018 sales of packaging are expected to go up to US$ 975 billion. International market research companies have recently studied this successful industry and taken a close look at trends and tomorrow’s packaging solutions.
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How do you get a water melon to its destination without any losses? Quite simply with practical boxes and meshes with draw-strings by Mondi. Photo: Mondi

Fitting Rounds into Square Spaces


Quoting this famous line by a German national football team coach we are not automatically referring to football. A smart transport solution for water melons and other innovative packaging shows how the industry has responded to consumer wishes for a longer shelf life and more convenience.
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600,000 packages have so far been recycled under the project. Photograph: DuPont

The Virtuous Circle


Although the new food and packaging project Virtuous Circle was only created in October 2016, it is already successful in its combat against hunger. Moreover, the activities are helping to improve general awareness of food and environmental protection.
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The use of thermoforming machines is now standard in the automated packaging of bakery goods.  – Messe Düsseldorf, Constanze Tillmann

A new era for thermoforming machines


Thermoformed plastic packaging is considered to be safe, robust and ideally suited for high-quality, heavy and sensitive products. The latest generation of machinery is now making production even more attractive for market players.
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© Messe Düsseldorf

SAVE FOOD: Food Waste in Numbers


About 1.3 billion tons of food is lost or wasted annually. This fact is particularly striking when looking at its negative effects: The total amount of avoidable food waste and loss would be able to feed all the people suffering from malnutrition and starvation worldwide. And more than enough would be still left.
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Plastics made from sweet potatoes and thyme is said to provide better barrier protection, so that food will stay fresh for longer.  Photo: süskartoffel © karepa, fotolia.com

Back to Nature


Bioplastics as an alternative or supplement to conventional plastics are by no means new in the world of packaging. What is new, however, is the increasing diversity in the combinations of raw materials and improvements in potential applications.
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Photo: Mayr-Melnhof Packaging. Artists: Gerlinde Gruber & Christine Strempel

Packaging: things that matter to the consumer


We tend to think that different countries have different customs, but this doesn’t seem to apply to consumer preferences for packaging material. Whether it’s Europeans, Asians or Americans, all of them appear to be enjoying paper and cardboard as packaging.
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Photo: Schreiner Group

Target Group Millennials: Digital Packaging


As a key target group across varied sectors they have their own demands when it comes to packaging: so-called “millennials” require a new approach – moving away from traditional packaging towards smart packaging.
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