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Convenient opening mechanisms such as pull-tab or peel-off lids ease the opening of tin cans. This is particularly handy when out of home. Photo: Initiative Lebensmitteldose

Packaging for Eternity


You can prevent food from perishing long term by preserving, freezing or freeze-drying it. However, one thing you cannot forego is packaging.
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Packaging: Ready to go


Germans love burgers, Brits choose Chinese and the French prefer to eat local. Everybody's different. One thing is for sure: Practical packaging and ready made meals are a part of our everyday life.
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Packaging design over decades: every three to four years the fast-food chain changes the look and feel of its packaging.

McDonald’s: Packaging conveys the Brand


A handbag made out of a Big Mac© folding box, shoes with drinking-straw-studded heels or a backpack made out of a hamburger bag – this is how fast-food chain McDonald’s staged its packaging re-launch for the media.
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If necessary, it can have customised information printed on it, and it can be used in combination with oven-proof CPET trays, for instance as packaging for in-flight food.

Special packaging on flights


When a flight starts early in the morning, passengers are often very happy to receive a morning snack. To make sure it’s a delight to their taste buds, it needs to meet a few requirements – including the right packaging.
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Packaging machinery worldwide


Some 150 years ago the first packaging machine was invented. The jobs previously performed by vertical shafts, cam discs, sprocket wheels and cams back then, have long become the work of state-of-the-art high-tech components and robots.
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France is the first country in the world to have passed a law against food waste. The “gourmet bag” is to encourage guests at restaurants to take home any unfinished food. Photo: © L. Pastural, France

Doggy bags against food waste


A large number of independent studies have shown that about one third of all food throughout the world gets thrown away. In the European Union alone this volume amounts to more than 100 million tonnes per year. Sustainable “doggy bags” can prevent such waste and increase public awareness.
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Avoiding Food Losses and Waste


One third of all food produced for human consumption gets lost or is wasted. Various initiatives around the world show how this can be combated with the right ideas, modern technology and, above all, with joint forces.
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Ambitious recycling targets in the EU


Belgium will find it easier to keep within future EU recycling targets. Its 80% recycling rate makes Belgium the top recycler among the EU-28. All other member states still need to make a major effort to keep within the ambitious recycling targets of the EU Commission.
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An award-winning combination: using a specially designed augmented reality glass, digital content is projected into the environment in the form of videos, images and animations.

Award-winning packaging


The packaging industry did not rest on its laurels in the first half of 2018. Rather, quite a few innovative solution proposals were presented to numerous jury members in various contests, providing persuasive evidence in matters of digitisation, sustainability, design and convenience.
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A skin for the skin: the ‘Edipeel’ coating is to give fruit and vegetable a longer shelf life. Photo: Messe Düsseldorf, Constanze Tillmann

Edipeel: Spray it fresh!


Opinions differ especially when it comes to fruit and veg. Some question whether natural products really need to be pre-packaged while others argue they do because packaging extends their shelf life. With his company ‘Apeel Science’ James Rogers has invented a protective sleeve for fruit and vegetables that keeps the produce fresh twice as long after being harvested.
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