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US film director Francis Ford Coppola also follows the canned wine trend. Photo: Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Lifestyle Trend: Canned Wine


Good bottles of wine have to come with a cork. This was the widespread opinion held by wine experts several decades ago. Over time the sector has opened up to numerous other packaging solutions – including aluminium cans.
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In times of catastrophe brewery Anheuser-Busch fills cans with water instead of beer. Photo: Anheuser-Busch

Relief Aid in a Beer Can


When catastrophe strikes help needs to come quick. At times like these many companies make donations and launch fundraising appeals among their staff. Others take aid straight to the disaster-stricken areas – like Anheuser-Busch who filled their beer cans with water instead of beer.
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With the help of thermochromic ink technology the butterfly comes alive with colour. Photo: © Ogilvy

Packaging with Multi-Sensory Effects


When temperatures rise outside everyone enjoys a refreshing drink. Multi-sensory packaging now can even tell you whether the drinking temperature is low enough.
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A football rather than a rum barrel features in the logo of Captain Morgan’s rum for the FIFA World Cup 2018. Photo: DIAGEO Germany GmbH

Packaging World stricken with Football Fever


When Captain Morgan triumphantly places his foot on a football rather than a barrel of rum we know for sure: that time has come around again for one of the most important football events in the world. Already months ahead of the World Cup kick-off in Russia in mid-June 2018 supermarkets are packed with products whipping up football fever.
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PET plastic bottles are very easy to process and re-use. Photo: Messe Düsseldorf, Constanze Tillmann

New Enzyme Improves PET Recycling


Scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Britain’s University of Portsmouth have found an enzyme capable of decomposing PET.
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It is often labels that prompt shoppers to buy wine. Photo: © fotografie.kim

Well selected or glue-it-yourself


Products seduce shoppers with their visual appearance. This also holds true for wine bottles whose otherwise sleek look is made special by the label alone.
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Peel, Pop and shake: 1. Remove lid, 2. Press Pod onto the bottle filled with water, 3. Shake and 4. Enjoy. Photo: Drinkfinity

Water Upgrade


Fluid intake is healthy – two to three litres a day would be ideal. However, not everyone is incentivised to drink so much by insipid water. Those looking for more taste will have an alternative to juices and high-calorie sodas from now on: “Drinkfinity” is the name of Pepsi’s product designed to enhance water.
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When customers are king: personalised products with a batch size of 1 are increasingly demanded by consumers.

Mass products as one-off pieces?


Micro batches up to a batch size of 1 in one filling line – is this feasible efficiently and successfully? A new technology is said to make this possible now and generate high returns on investment as well as short time-to-market processes.
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19 villains can be brought to life with Augmented Reality on the labels of 19 Crimes wine bottles. Photo: 19 Crimes

Brought to Life


Competition on the wine shelf is keen. Therefore it doesn’t come as a surprise in times of digitalization when wine bottles start talking all of a sudden.
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A T-shirt made of 200,000 used plastic bottles recently broke the world record. Photo: Plastindia.

200,000 Bottles for a T-Shirt


Shopping with a good conscience – yes, it does exist. More and more fashion labels are looking to recycling and making stylish clothing out of old plastic bottles. Even Hollywood is taken by this trend and a world record has been broken.
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