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Artificial Intelligence: New opportunities for the packaging industry. Photo: #220811776 | Author: fotomek/fotolia.com

Pharmaceutical Trend in 2019: New Impulses through Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence systems are still in their early stages but one thing is for sure: they will grow out of these stages over the next years – also in the pharmaceutical industry. The momentum they generate for companies in the packaging sector is anything but negligible
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Stylishly packaged snacks and biscuits with an extra portion of THC. Photo: Auntie Dolores

Intoxicating packaging for cannabis products


More and more countries are following the example of the Netherlands, the greater part of the USA and most recently Canada in legalising cannabis products – or at least tolerating them. They’re aimed at a very diverse target group – and the packaging is correspondingly diverse.
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With Braille six dots can be turned into 64 different characters. Photo: PharmaBraille

Braille on packaging


Six dots that have changed the world. For persons with visual impairments Braille is an indispensable aid for everyday life. It provides orientation and access to knowledge that others absorb with their eyes. Braille symbols are also important pointers on packaging – such as on pharmaceutical product packaging.
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Pharmaceutical packaging - smart, intelligent, talking. Photo Rondo Packaging

Packaging as a health monitor


The ongoing process of digitalisation does not stop short of the drug packaging market. There are more and more interactive packaging solutions developed for increased patient comfort – going far beyond anti-counterfeiting and traceability.
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Holographic effects can increase the tamper-proofing of drug packaging. Photo: Schur Flexibles Group

Safe and simple at the same time


The demands made of pharmaceutical packaging are high. The packaging industry has to take numerous parameters into consideration in terms of both safety and user-friendly handling.
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Photo: pixabay.com/pexel.com

Better prepared


The pharmaceutical industry is facing major challenges in implementing the Falsified Medicines Directive. It will have to find solutions very soon if it wants to prevent the recent problem in the United States where the authorities had to postpone the launch of a similar regulation by one year because the industry was not sufficiently well prepared.
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Photo: Pöppelman Famac

Creating a finished product – layer by layer


From vision to mission: 3D printing has revolutionary potential – not just in the world of packaging.
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Approximately 10% of all globally sold pharmaceuticals are counterfeit. To combat illegal trade, governments and companies from different industry sectors are increasing their efforts to develop reliable product track and trace solutions.
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Photo: Iscador

More safety and convenience for pharmaceutical packaging


Pharmaceutical packaging is subject to major demands which are now being addressed by the industry with new innovations.
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Photo: Stora Enso

Not for Children


There are scarce few areas in the packaging sector as sensitive as pharmaceutical packaging. Protection from inquisitive little hands is offered by innovative blister packaging with unique closure options which are also designed to be elderly-friendly.
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