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If bodycare products have a shelf life of less than two and a half years the symbol of an hour glass or egg timer in conjunction with a date is mandatory for packaging. Photo: Wikimedia

Packaging symbols, Part 9: Best-Before Date


Not only food but also bodycare products have a best-before date, as a rule. In Part 9 of our series on packaging symbols we let you know which symbols reveal this information on tubes, jars and the like.
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The E symbol certifies a product for consumer protection purposes. Photo: European Union Directive 2009/34/EC

Packaging symbols, Part 7: Deviations permitted – stated quantities in prepackaging


Fluctuations in the filling of packages are almost inevitable with a filling machine. To make sure that the consumer is not at a disadvantage from major differences between the actual content and the details on the packaging, there are national specifications throughout the world, defining certain maximum permitted deviations.
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The cosmetic industry lives on rapidly changing trends. As a result, it needs smartly planned packaging with short lead times and with flexible production and delivery systems. Photo: Huhtamaki

Packaging trends for cosmetics 2019: Sustainability combined with luxury


Each year brings new trends and therefore also new challenges. The packaging industry is, of course, no exception. Customers keep changing their expectations, and the industry needs to respond with innovative ideas. Forecasts for 2019 are mainly aimed at the needs of so-called millennials: flexibility, sustainability and the increasing use of social media and e-commerce.
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Cosmetics producer Kiehl’s decorates its product packaging with Christmas motifs for the Holiday Season. Photo: KIEHL'S SINCE 1851

Cosmetics for Christmas: packaging prompts shoppers to purchase


There is no other time of year where packaging looks as beautiful as just before Christmas. This applies especially to the cosmetics segment.
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Thanks to Sniff Seal technology aromas can now be perceived through induction-sealed closures

Packaging with Scents


Scents seduce – and this not only holds true for people. Consumers’ sense of smell is also increasingly moving to the foreground when it comes to packaging – alongside looks and touch.
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New brand, new packaging: ‘Lovables’ bottles are produced from 100% recycled plastics and are even to be made from raw materials collected from rivers and lakes. Photo: Henkel

Henkel turns plastic soup into detergent bottles


Detergents are dubbed laundry shampoos and fabric softeners conditioners – at least with Henkel’s new “laundry care” line ‘Lovables’. However, not only the names but also the packaging materials are meant to be new.
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Those buying

The 1 on 1 principle


“By sharing you can do something good.” This message is clearly communicated on the packaging of the new product brand “Share” for water, nut bars and hand soap.
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The ViscoTec Hygienic Dispenser VHD scores points both with its handling at high temperatures and with its dosing and filling of high-viscose products. Photo: Viscotec

Precision Counts


With bodycare product packaging the highest levels of precision are required in production and processing. As far as the aesthetics of the products is concerned design, colour, surface and texture are key aspects affecting consumer purchasing decisions.
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High-priced cosmetics brands often package their exquisite products in frosted glass that captivates shoppers with its understated elegance. Photo: Kiehls

Finer Living with Packaging


What looks nice sells well. Packaging is a considerable sales argument in the cosmetics market.
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Numerous companies use water-saving methods when producing their packaging. One such firm is the food group Nestlé that has established its own ‘Water-Saving Initiative’. Photo: pixabay.com/pexel.com

Saving Water with Packaging


(Clean) water is life – but this resource is finite, too. Even now some countries are suffering from a lack of this precious liquid. Packaging manufacturers are also looking for solutions to raise consumer awareness about saving water with their products.
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