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Rapid prototyping – also known as additive layer manufacturing – allows the fast and cost-effective creation of models, prototypes, tools and end products, e.g. through 3D printing. Photo: © jean song

Printed glass


No casting, grinding, milling, drilling or turning: all these stages in the production of a component can be replaced by 3D printing. For the first time researchers have now succeeded in producing glass components with a 3D printer.
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Would you like a new hiking backpack? That’ll be 22 PET bottles, please. Source: Forum PET.

Good things from the bottle


Bottle-to-bottle is a well-known concept in Germany. An old bottle is turned into a new one. So far so good, but rPET can do much more than that.
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Easy to open thanks to a flap. Balea packaging by Carl Edelmann. Photo: Carl Edelmann GmbH.

That Certain Something: Convenient Packaging


International market research institutes agree: consumer friendliness is one of the most important packaging trends for 2017. It is achieved by artificial intelligence and more interaction with shoppers, to name but two ways.
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The use of Procyclen improves the greenhouse gas emissions balance compared with primary plastics by 50%. Photo: Coca-Cola Germany

Screwed off and rethought


A cooperation between Stabilo, Coca-Cola and Interseroh has given birth to Green Boss – a text marker with a past.
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Inspired by fireflies


The aim of good packaging design is to turn an everyday object into something special, and the electrical company CS Electric has come up with a successful way of adding a special touch to ordinary lamps.
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Let’s play


Little Big Ben: Architectural masterpieces – as 3D cardboard DIY models. These 3D building puzzles are perfectly suited for staging at the PoS. Other companies also focus on toys and shipping containers made of this environment-friendly material.
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The universal packaging for engine bonnets can also be used for other products. Photo: Mondi Wellpappe Ansbach GmbH

If it doesn't fit, we’ll make it fit ...


More and more consumers are beginning to use online mail order facilities for bulky products such as furniture, sports equipment and large vehicle parts. This means that outer packaging is becoming increasingly important. As well as providing a purely protective function, the shipping box actually represents the product, so that the unboxing process needs to be a positive experience.
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Everyone can recycle! Even coffeemaker Nespresso™ is aware of its responsibility and recycles some 75% of its capsules. Photo: Nestlé Nespresso SA

Collier à Volluto


Shiny gold, pink, mauve, black, blue, bronze – the harmonious colour scheme of the little capsules not only impresses coffee lovers but also designers throughout the world. Because magnificent pieces of jewellery can be made from the used capsules.
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Modern plastics can be environmentally friendly and meet high technological standards at the same time. Photo: Frédérique Voisin-Demery / flickr.com

The power’s in the peel


Delicious orange juice, delicious orange sorbet, delicious orange plastics? No, humans can’t digest orange peels, but they’re good for the environment.
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140 million fewer plastic bags end up on waste dumps each year: REWE is gradually banning plastic bags. Photo:

Not in the Bag


Plastic bags are disappearing from more and more supermarkets. The accusation that they are detrimental to the environment puts governments, industry and trade around the globe under pressure.
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