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Especially when expensive paintings are at stake packaging must fulfil its inherent function particularly well: protection. Photo: Una Laurencic / pexels.com

How do you safely pack US$ 110.5 million?


Most of those buying artworks at Sotheby’s auctions spend several thousands, if not millions of dollars on them. They are well advised then to trust in the right packaging for transport.
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© Messe Düsseldorf

pacprocess Tehran - Iran, a growth market


As a member of the umbrella brand interpack alliance, pacprocess Tehran takes place from 12 till 15 october, as new platform in Iran for all suppliers of packaging technology and related process industries along the complete value creation chain. Find all information why Iran is such an exciting packaging market in our infografic.
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More E-commerce means more parcels shipped. At the same time, the demands made on the packaging industry are rising. Photo:  alphaspirit / fotolia.com

Precisely Packaged


E-commerce is as booming as ever and further growth can be expected. Here perfect-fit transport packaging guarantees happy mail order companies, logistics and transport companies and - last but not least – shoppers.
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According to consumer protection organisations, companies have to pay more attention to educating consumers about the criteria and performance of sustainable packaging.

Eco Design: there is more to it


In the 60s and 70s ecological aspects were still considered marginal topics in society. Today, ecological elements have become an integral part of industrial processes – also in the packaging world.
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Supertrees from packaging materials. For this artwork Tom Seelbach was inspired by the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Photo: Tom Seelbach

Packaging is Art


Packaging units are everyday objects – most of the time. But once in a while they are real gems and you start to marvel at the engineering and design skills that turn packaging into art when you hold it in your hands.
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Rapid prototyping – also known as additive layer manufacturing – allows the fast and cost-effective creation of models, prototypes, tools and end products, e.g. through 3D printing. Photo: © jean song

Printed glass


No casting, grinding, milling, drilling or turning: all these stages in the production of a component can be replaced by 3D printing. For the first time researchers have now succeeded in producing glass components with a 3D printer.
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Would you like a new hiking backpack? That’ll be 22 PET bottles, please. Source: Forum PET.

Good things from the bottle


Bottle-to-bottle is a well-known concept in Germany. An old bottle is turned into a new one. So far so good, but rPET can do much more than that.
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Easy to open thanks to a flap. Balea packaging by Carl Edelmann. Photo: Carl Edelmann GmbH.

That Certain Something: Convenient Packaging


International market research institutes agree: consumer friendliness is one of the most important packaging trends for 2017. It is achieved by artificial intelligence and more interaction with shoppers, to name but two ways.
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The use of Procyclen improves the greenhouse gas emissions balance compared with primary plastics by 50%. Photo: Coca-Cola Germany

Screwed off and rethought


A cooperation between Stabilo, Coca-Cola and Interseroh has given birth to Green Boss – a text marker with a past.
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Inspired by fireflies


The aim of good packaging design is to turn an everyday object into something special, and the electrical company CS Electric has come up with a successful way of adding a special touch to ordinary lamps.
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