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An increasing number of people are moving to cities and need ever more packaging. Photo: stock.tookapic.com / pexels.com

Expensive Paper


Since the start of 2017 the global paper market as well as the affiliated packaging industry has been feeling the effects of raw material shortages. One of the areas where rising raw material prices are prompting concern is the corrugated card and paper industry.
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From June 2018 manufacturers will be responsible for the safety of loads during transport. Photograph:  industrieblick, fotolia.com

Manufacturers to be held liable for load safety


Whenever goods are transported from A to B, safe packaging is indispensable. From June 2018 onwards a new EU-wide directive will be in force, with new regulations on requirements and liabilities.
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Robust and durable: steel serves as a versatile packaging material coming in many shapes and sizes. Photo: © stockphoto-graf / www.fotolia.com

Close the Loop


The steel industry is posting rising recycling rates throughout Europe – steel packaging hits an average here of 77.5%.
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To optimise load stability Miele uses the stretch-hood process. by MSK. Photo: MSK

Under the Hood


Safety is the highest priority for goods transport and storage. Sufficient stability of palletised goods can be ensured by custom-made film hoods.
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State-of-the-art production lines are available, ensuring the hygienic filling of bulk material. Photo: AZO Group.

High level of product protection for bulk materials


It’s important that packaging should be extremely tear-resistant, tight and convenient to store. These product criteria are even more important for dangerous goods, and especially for chemical products packaged in paper bags.
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© Messe Düsseldorf

Industry 4.0


Data and data handling is of growing importance in industrial manufacturing. This view is also shared by companies in the packaging industry. But to what degree are they already digitalised at present and geared up for the increasing Industry 4.0?
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Amazon has already offered its shoppers easy-to-open packaging labelled as “frustration free”. Photo: Amazon.

Perfectly Packaged!


Thanks to growing e-commerce stacks of parcels are travelling to online shoppers every single day. The demands made on packaging are high – by transport conditions but also by consumers’ rising expectations in terms of convenience and design.
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One in two aluminium screw caps in Europe is recycled. Photo: EAFA

Aluminium Recycling Percentage up to 87%


Recycling continues to be trendy. Figures are also reported to be rising for aluminium. In Germany the percentage has gone up to 87%.
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Infografik - Carriage of dangerous goods


Is packaging able to make confectionery even sweeter? Yes, indeed! 60 percent of the consumers attach great importance to an appealing visual presentation and 45 percent of them prefer decorated packages for their sweets. Our infographic shows interesting packaging trends for the confectionery industry.
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A perfect place at the POS: This idea from PAL-Cut adds visibility to products, even if there is no room for sales displays on the market. Photo: PAL-Cut

Smart pallets


Newly designed pallet liners can be used as advertising space.
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