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Packaging Days: Insights into the Industry

On 11 June 2015 companies from the world of packaging will open their doors

June 2015 – June is all about packaging with Swiss, German and Austrian enterprises and organisations paying tribute to the 500,000 people employed in this branch of industry. In addition to fresh impulses for industry insiders there will also be plenty in store for consumers: local and supra-regional activities will provide insights into the value chain in its entirety.

Importance and tasks
Packaging is part and parcel of everyday life – every one of us will deal with boxes, bottles, films or other wrapping for all types of commodities sooner or later. Not only do designers producers, logistics providers and warehouse operators have their specific connections with packaging but also universities and associations, societies and institutions of all sorts. Be it medicines, electronics or food: packaging doubles as a key communication tool for our daily interaction. Packaging can make a statement concerning wealth and quality of life, decide on trends and pass on manufacturers’ information to consumers. But it is especially these versatile functions that occasionally make it so difficult for the sector to live up to all of these requirements: protection against counterfeiting and sustainability, technical developments and the rising international movement of goods all require comprehensive development efforts for each individual packaging solution. Almost 90% of all packaging manufacturers in German-speaking countries operate their own development and marketing departments to meet rising market demands and consumer expectations.

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Motto: “Packaging Speaks”
Light will be shed on this and much more at the Packaging Days. While innumerable campaigns and local events as well as online updates and live reports provide all interested parties with hitherto unknown insights, the focus is clearly on the next generation. This is why not only adults will be able to marvel at the processes along the entire product life cycle but also young people – who are also invited to visit plants, find out about fields of research and attend various series of lectures. A unique event, the Packaging Days are supported by the German Packaging Institute which can be contacted for further materials and contact information.

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