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Patient-Friendly Package Insert

Soon consumers will be able to view the ingredients, efficacy and recommended areas of use before purchasing a medical product. The packaging innovation featuring the package insert on the folding box means a maximum of easily legible information can be accommodated on a small space.

Informative and in Line with EU Regulations

In less than three years European pharmaceutical producers will be subject to new and binding counterfeiting regulations. From 2018 it must be possible to verify and identify the authenticity of prescription drugs by means of safety features on their packaging. Furthermore, any tampering must be immediately detectable by means of a 'tamper verification feature'.

Booklet Labels: Deployable Internationally

In few other areas does reliable information for consumers rank as highly as in the sensitive pharmaceuticals sector. Package inserts running over several pages are not uncommon; demand for detailed and, at times, multi-lingual content on use and side effects is high. To make this important information accessible to patients already before opening the pack, booklet labels are now to be used which are universally deployable and ideally structured according to individual demands thanks to an index. In addition to the familiar package insert inside the medicine’s folding box a pack insert is also securely affixed to the outer side of the packaging which can easily be opened and closed again at any time thanks to a film covering so as to guard it against loss. An integrated colour-shifting ink also prevents product counterfeiting.

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Package Insert Online

In addition to the package insert both on the in and outside of the drug packaging, various portals also offer the very latest pack inserts of all medicines. This information can be downloaded from the Internet and set to the desired font size; a great advantage to those with deteriorating eyesight. Particularly important sections can also be found and printed out immediately thanks to a search function.

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