At PurePharma, the employees do not go to the cafeteria for lunch. They go for their workout.


HIGHLY DOSED INSPIRATION. interpack is like a live-cell therapy for the pharmaceutical industry. The trade fair provides companies with solutions for all questions relating to the production processes, the packaging and the logistics for their highly sensitive products. At interpack in 2017, measures to counteract product piracy will have very significant relevance – for example, with varieties of innovative primary packaging.


TESTED IN A SELF-EXPERIMENT. What productive perfectionism can be has been demonstrated by PurePharma. The founders of this young Danish company are athletes who train at a serious level. They were not happy with what the international supplement market was offering them, and that was what motivated them to produce what they could not get: The purest micro-nutrients, vitamins, essential fatty acids and proteins.

PHARMACEUTICS ARE IN A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN. The sale and marketing of pharmaceutical products is a science in itself. There are countless approval and testing processes, hygiene and packaging regulations. In order to be able to meet its own demanding standards when it came to purity, naturalness and effectiveness, PurePharma had to undertake its very own research work. The bar was set at world class quality.


LIVING AND WORKING ARE ONE. The headquarters with a view of the ocean is also a fitness studio. You want to be healthy and lean: Four products as well as a self-test to determine the individual nutrient requirements are now in the portfolio. Another one of PurePharma’s great strengths is the packaging. The powerful, reduced design is distinctive, unpretentious and of high quality. It represents the corporate philosophy: Less is more.
Instead of a heavy lunch, PurePharma employees lift heavy weights during the lunch break.
At PurePharma, the employees do not go to the cafeteria for lunch. They go for their workout.
At PurePharma, breaks carry a lot of weight.
Transparency and reduction are the overall concept at PurePharma.
At PurePharma, you can work wherever you would like.
Health growth is very important at PurePharma. Also when it comes to musculature.
The corridor in front of the offices. The headquarters of PurePharma does not own a fitness studio. It is one.
Tranquillity breeds strength.
At this time, the product range includes four supplements and a test to determine the supply status.
Julius Heslet, CEO of PurePharma, introduces a new product to his employees.
PurePharma only produces what they would take themselves, such as their purest Omega 3 fatty acids in a very highly dosed form.
Here, the external purity is an indication of the internal purity.
Green light for PurePharma.
 PurePharma's employees believe in their products. With body and soul. With the body probably a little more.
CrossFit training is a part of the voluntary daily workload.

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