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ROB 50 optimizes production processes in continuous and batch-oriented processing

Closing the gap between tablet press and filmcoating 

In 2015 L.B. Bohle presented the ROB 50 as innovative solution to automate and optimize production processes in both continuous and batch-oriented production of solid dosage forms. The ROB 50 is a robotic system for handling of tablet containers, to close the gap between the tablet press and film coating process.

As indicated initially, L.B. Bohle developed this system for the continuous production line. However, the ROB 50 can also automate the product transfers in batch environment, to close the gap between tablet press and film coater. In this case, the ROB 50 is also available for larger container sizes. In addition, in case of long process times for the film coating process, the ROB 50 can server to coaters positioned next to each other in an alternating manner. Customized versions with an additional degree of freedom are available, too. For higher throughput or long relaxation times, L.B. Bohle also have solutions to automate the storage rack.

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