© 'koziol »ideas for friends GmbH'

© 'koziol »ideas for friends GmbH'

Special Edition Packaging Launched to Mark Salt Stick Anniversary

Since 1935 consumers around the world have enjoyed these “longitudinal” savoury snacks. Loyal customers can now look forward to limited-edition packaging to mark the anniversary. The ingredients, taste and look of these snacks have remained unchanged over time just the name is different – what used to be called “Salzletten” are called “Saltletts” today. Their 80th anniversary was reason enough for Lorenz-Bahlsen GmbH to design new packaging making use of the latest machinery in production.

Saltletts in Limited-Edition Design Containers

To mark this “birthday” Saltletts producer “Lorenz Snack-World” has come up with gifts for particularly loyal shoppers. Until late September the limited edition of a “To-Go Box” and/or serving tray for this popular savoury snack designed by Southern German household appliance manufacturer “koziol” can be redeemed for collector’s points. The handy packages for out-of-home consumption guarantee lasting freshness of the snack through their user-friendly lid. The serving tray can be re-sealed air-tight “cutting a fine figure” on any table. All Saltletts packs bear the campaign stickers – a minimum of four of these stickers must be collected and submitted to obtain one of the goodies.

Saltletts To-Go-Box © 'koziol »ideas for friends GmbH'

Modern Packaging Machines for Biscuit Containers

Be it as long snacks like salt sticks or as pretzels – according to a consumer survey conducted by BDSI, the Federal Association of the Confectionery Industry, long-life savoury biscuits rank second on the list of Germans’ most popular snacks (with some 40 tons produced daily) right after crisps. This high level of demand requires the most efficient packaging production possible. Time and material need to be saved while also satisfying consumers’ desire for deep-drawn plastic trays. “Pauly” is one the largest producers of savoury snacks in Germany and has now also taken to innovative packaging machinery with automated filling options.

Saltletts serving tray / © 'koziol »ideas for friends GmbH'

These offer many advantages over conventional systems. Manual filling is rendered superfluous and labour is saved. Thanks to the combination scales and quick changeover of the distribution system at the touch of a button the containers can be filled with salt sticks only, pretzels or a 50/50 mixture of these products. Furthermore, components ensure a lower risk of snack breakage while, unlike bags, the transparent boxes can be re-sealed any time as required.

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