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Tablet Checker KA 280 Impresses in Mumbai

Latest generation presented at the PMEC

Ever since the 1980s, the control unit KA from L.B. Bohle has been used worldwide in pharmaceutical production.
In November 2016 the specialist machine builder from Ennigerloh presented the latest generation of the effective tablet sorting machine
at the Indian trade fair PMEC.

The economical control of the thickness of sugar-coated tablets or film tablets is usually a decisive criterion in pharmaceutical solids production.
The automatic checker KA by L.B. Bohle has set standards for decades: the thickness of sugar- or film-coated pills, capsules or tablets is controlled mechanically.
With the series of checkers, L.B. Bohle has been successful in the market segment of tablet sorting for more than 30 years.
Just like its predecessors, the new KA 280 impresses with its high precision and high throughput. Up to 1,000,000 tablets can be checked
per hour.

The tablet checking process:
First, the feeding hopper is filled with the tablets to be checked. From there, they are transported via a vibration system to rotating sorting
discs that are arranged in pairs. Three different groups of tablets are distinguished by the disc pairs:
• Too thick tablets are placed in a tray above the dispensing tray
• Too thin tablets are placed in a tray below the middle tray
• Accepted tablets located between the upper and middle trays are fed to the production area

The entire process as well as the adjustment of the thickness measurement is also controlled via a touch panel (HMI). The thickness measurement
can be set to a deviation of ± 0.1 mm.

In the design of the new KA 280, the Bohle developers focused on ergonomic and simple handling. In addition, the KA was designed to
be low-maintenance. 

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