Prodieco Limited

Techlab | Prodieco's Unique Testing Centre

Techlab is a unique and unrivalled testing centre. Prodieco has 20 Blister Lines dedicated to testing format change parts in our purpose built Techlab.

Prodieco’s vision is to give you a machine tested, fully validated blister before you even receive the format change parts at your own plant. Blister packs are given life on our range of European built blister lines, solely dedicated to testing change parts for you.  Techlab has been designed with the packaging technologist in mind. You will see a range of blister lines spanning the most popular in the market. Experience how forming and lidding materials interact with blister format parts. Blister sealing integrity
is validated using our blister leak detection equipment to ensure a safe blister is produced.

Feederlab is dedicated to testing and validating our unique feeding solutions covering the complete range of vibratory, tube and rotary style feeding systems. Tablet feeding is one of the most critical aspects on the overall performance of the packaging line,
having one of the largest effects on your productivity. See how our feeder solutions for the most complex products are put to the test and validated in the unique Feederlab environment to ensure tablet feeding is no longer on the critical path.
Invitation. We invite you to visit Techlab for Factory Acceptance Testing or simply to learn more about the science of blister packaging. We’ve dedicated an entire building to Techlab so we can deliver on our promise to you - a perfectly produced blister pack before the format size parts arrive at your facility - safe in the knowledge that your project is going to be right first time.

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