Every followfish product has its own tracking code on the packaging. Via Internet, the end-users can see exactly where their product comes from.


NUTRIENTS FOR THE FOOD INDUSTRY. Processing methods and logistics of the food industry alone would be enough to have their own trade fair. No other industry is more monitored, more regulated, more sensitive. The trends speed by; the users are extremely critical. The responsibility to counteract the loss of food is primarily in the hands of the producers. The food industry is enormously dependent on innovative processes and intelligent packaging. .
GLOBAL TREND ON THE HOOK. followfish does not see itself as a brand, but as a sustainability movement “which is a synonym for another world of food. A world of food, in which the producers have a face again (…) in which resources (…) are saved. A world, where we live again from the harvest and not from the substance.“ ;


PLEASE COPY. The quote is completely transparent, just as each and every ingredient behind the tracking code that followfish prints on the packaging. The industry needs pace-making ideas like these. And they need a location which helps to make them big: interpack.
All products are free from chemicals, additives or  flavour enhancers. Only that what Mother Nature creates, is used in the product.
In 2007, followfish was founded by a few passionate fish traders in order to offer sustainable fish products. For example, Pizza Gamberi with organic prawns.
In  Meduno, a small place in Northern Italy, the great-tasting pizzas are baked in wood-burning ovens.
The typical followfish customer is a person who thinks about sustainability and lives consciously. And thus does not only do something good for himself but also for the environment.
According to the statistics, every German eats eleven frozen pizzas a year. Followfish pizzas even with a clear conscience.
According to the statistics, every German eats eleven frozen pizzas a year. Followfish pizzas even with a clear conscience.
followfish pizzas are so good that the company was awarded by a jury of experts with the organic label 2015 for its outstanding product quality.
An employee pays attention to every little detail during the production. Also the hygiene regulations are strictly observed.
The ultra-modern factory combines technology with old pizza tradition.
Pizza, which tastes just as good as la Mamma's.
It is the vision of followfish to produce food in a fair, sustainable and environment-friendly manner. Every employee gladly does his part. 
Between the high-gloss machines, the pizzas stand out as dabs of colour.
Fresh ingredients are carefully placed by hand on every pizza.
The pizzas do not only look great, they are great! After all, every ingredient comes from sustainable fisheries and organic farms.
The pizza dough is not made pronto pronto, it is made according to a traditional, two-step fermentation process. You can taste the difference!
Not only the products, but also the attitude of followfish is good: Employees are first and foremost people.

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