This is what the classic Halloren Kugel (chocolate ball) – the kind, creamy cacao – looks like, before it is covered with chocolate.


THE CONFECTIONERY INDUSTRY IS A STABLE INDUSTRY. Despite the sizable amount of 32 kilos per capita and per year, the craving for sweets keeps on growing – for new tastes, textures, forms and for new packaging. At the same time, the cost for everything is increasing. However, there is an excellent recipe for the industry: New concepts, fresh ideas and efficient technologies. Halloren shows how.


FRESH TRADITION.. Halloren survived two world wars, name changes, conversions and expropriation and constantly needed to reinvent itself. It combined old handicraft with zeitgeist. Today the spirit of the business circles around a melt-in-the-mouth core: The Halloren Kugel (chocolate ball).

CHOCOLATE WITH SALT. “Halloren“ belonged to the respected salters from Halle. While working, they wore guild garments with big round buttons– the inspiration for the Halloren Kugel (chocolate ball), which was created in 1952 by the VEB Schokoladenfabrik Halloren and became the most popular sweet in the GDR. Today, you will find the large Halloren confectionery selection in well-assorted confectionery shops– in 150 countries.


THE BALL IS ROLLING. 700 employees in the areas of ‘confectionery', 'chocolate' and 'industry' are getting ready for growth – with strategic acquisitions, the most modern production lines and exciting innovations: Therefore, the latest Oh lá lá creation does not only convince with its taste and design but also with an innovative barrier film. This will definitely protect the chocolates against mineral oil migration, water vapours, odours and aromas 6 months long. But not against being eaten by chocolate lovers…

This is what the classic Halloren Kugel (chocolate ball) – the kind, creamy cacao – looks like, before it is covered with chocolate.
The Halloren chocolate balls shortly after their "chocolate shower". The dark chocolate coating is still liquid.
Halloren does not only produce the classic chocolate balls but also constantly surprises with product and packaging innovations.
Here, folding boxes of fresh-fibre cardboard are being positioned – 96 pieces a minute.
The classic box contains 12 original Halloren Kugel or 125 grammes. The chocolate balls are also offered in gift tins, artist editions and in seasonal packaging or single pieces in a flow pack.
Creamy cacao is only one of 15 flavours of the original Halloren Kugel.
By the way: Inspiration and name giver for the original Halloren Kugel were the shiny, round buttons on the clothing of the salters' guild in Halle, called Halloren.
The confectionery is slid into the protective bubble wrap.
The success of Halloren is so to say "ball-bearing".

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