© GDS Infographics /Flickr.com

© GDS Infographics /Flickr.com

What do Consumers really Want?

June 2015 – The demands made on packaging have been rising in every segment for years – various studies have now identified the details consumers pay most attention to in 2015. Depending on the country, top-ranking aspects include digital communication possibilities, sustainability or discountable “wrapping”.

Technology, Nature and Low Cost

In industrial nations around the globe consumers generally share a relatively consistent opinion about the required characteristics of packaging. It should be lightweight and compact, environmentally friendly and functional and compatible with a Smartphone. Furthermore, the layout plays an important role. Shoppers want communication possibilities and information transfer via Smartphone at the POS. But what seems to be most important is the recyclability of the packaging material. A good 90% of the surveyed consumers favour boxes and bottles with certified environmental labels.

National Differences by Comparison

According to a study carried out by the international market research institute “PRS”, Chinese consumers have a flair for fussier packaging design while Scandinavians prefer it rather plain. Well-heeled, young Chinese shoppers, in particular, are curious about new products and feel attracted to the well-known brands from the western world.

Packaging also impacts shoppers’ satisfaction with a product – this was evidenced by MeadWestvaco Corporation’s study polling over 5,075 respondents from Brazil, China, Germany, France and the USA. According to this study, one third of consumers regard packaging as “important” or “very important” for assessing their general satisfaction with consumer goods.

Germans like packaging that is functional and safe attaching great importance to visual and tactile aspects. They are less open to innovations than other nations since they are afraid that these could make products more complicated or confusing.

Indecisiveness in the USA

In the USA there is a lot of ambiguity when it comes to multi-channel marketing. A study carried out by management consultancy Accenture makes it clear that US shoppers always appreciate personalised product ranges and discount campaigns. While shopping they want to receive real-time bargains but are rather reticent to disclose their personal data or location. Only questions regarding demographic data such as age and gender were answered but hardly anyone was prepared to share their social situation, medical status or social-media contacts with retailers.

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