More than the sum of its parts.

SPECIAL TRADE FAIR COMPONENTS AT INTERPACK makes interpack 2017 to a double package. This supplier trade fair on the Düsseldorf exhibition grounds will be an integral part of interpack as of 2017. And exhibitors such as, for example, the mechanical engineering company BOSCH will definitely not miss out on components.


EVERY COMPONENT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. Those who work on the perfecting of processes and packaging know how decisive a single very tiny detail can be. Sometimes half a millimetre more or less on an only two-square-centimetre large component within a line of hundreds of metres can be responsible for double the efficiency.
ONE TICKET. TWO TRADE FAIRS. ONE WAY.. Due to the fact that components takes place in its own hall on the exhibition grounds amidst interpack, a visit to the supplier trade fair is not only a must-go but also a convenient enjoyment. Those who exhibit at components, benefit from the flow of visitors of interpack – and the other way around.
components is the best proof that the whole is always more than the sum of its parts.
Innovations are given the green light at components: For even more precision and even better performance.
Precision is also a form of beauty.
New drill attachments are waiting for their first work assignment.
An employee checks  a V-belt.
Really very fast: Flexible toploading with up to 150 boxes per minute.
Bosch Packaging Technology is one of the leading suppliers of process and packaging technology.
Good colleagues: The person and the machine.
Not only machines, also personal contacts can initiate something big at components.
Insights into packagings and processes cannot be more detailed than at components.
Everyone will find inspiration here.
You cannot always recognise large developments by the size.
What is presented at components is so new that even well-informed visitors will be surprised.
The team discusses the work steps together.
Irrespective of whether its customers require primary or secondary packaging, Bosch can provide the optimal and highest-quality solutions.
Speed and flexibility of the machines are two important factors for every customer.
Bosch provides its customers with tailor-made systems that are exactly adapted to their respective needs.
Uncountable metres of cable are used for the assembly of the machines.
At Bosch, precision is not left to chance. Many Bosch employees have command of many years of experience and a broad expertise.
Daniel Bossel, Product Manager, is visibly satisfied with his team's results.
Showtime! At components, you can view all of the details of a process  at very close range.